Start of my entry to the build something contest on Lead adventure forum

I will participate in the build something contest over on Lead adventure forum. You can find the contest here. Feel free to vote once the voting commences .

My entry will be a Ork Goff Rock band for my Ork Warhammer 40000 army. They will get a moving stage in the form of a looted Leman Russ tank. The tank will be a scratch build version to the so called Ruhr pattern. A pattern of Leman Russ as build on the forge world Ruhr in the Germania sector.

I used the paper templates of Patrochloch which you can find here. Here is an example of a printed out template:


The space marine is there to compare scale. I won’t build the Leman Russ out of paper though. To make it more resilient for the battlefield I will use extruded Polystyrene. Like I did with my Thunderhawk which you can find here.

Here are pictures of the three main parts before cutting with the hot wire cutter and after basic assembly with a hot glue gun:


More to follow in the next days and weeks.

The build is complete

Here are the pictures of the last additions to my Thunderhawk gunship. The only thing missing is the hard points for the hell strike missiles.


Next Step will be a coat of PVA mixt with black paint to make it more resilient against damage . The black paint is added to be able to see that the PVA was brushed on the complete model , it also makes it easier when I start to add rivets and screws to the model as these are made from magic sculpt , which is white when dry. So I can see more easily where I mist some.


Progress on my Space Marine gunship

I did some more work on my Thunderhawk gunship over the last weeks .

I did some more work on the underside of the fuselage and the main wings and engines.

I added the attack wings  which are magnetized to make them movable. Here is a short video about the attack wings moving:

Here are a few pictures of the gunship. The weapons and landing gear are still missing.

Here is the Landinggear:

And here is what it looks like at the moment:


The 4 twin heavy bolsters at the nose of the fuselage and under the main wings as well as the hell strike missiles are still missing. When these are added a first basecoat of a mixture of PVA and paint will be applied to harden the polystyrene. Then I will add rivets and screws and then painting will start. So a lot more work to do but I think most of the work has been done.

Here is Bruder Timo of the 6th Gruppe 4th Gefechtskompanie , Galactic Knights

Here is the actual model I did the color test for my DIY Space Marine Chapter on . It is Bruder Timo of the 6th Gruppe 4th Gefechtskompanie.


FullSizeRender 6

And here is some more fluff about the Chapter:


Whilst the Codex Astartes is the baseline we compare all Chapters to, it’s undeniable that some Chapters differ in their adherence to the sacred tome. But it’s important to note that according to the Insignium Astartes sourcebook, there are several versions of the Codex. Roboute Guilliman’s writings can be interpreted in different ways.

The Galactic Knights of the Ordo Teutonicus are a chapter following the Codex Astartes but not as closely as others. The reason for this is the function the Ordo has given itself during the founding under the first Hochmeister Heinrich. As the chapter not only liberates systems and planets from the xenos but also looks after re-establishing human settlements on the liberated planets he has to guard these planets against new xenos attacks. Therefore the Ordo Teutonicus has a force called the Landwehr. It is similar to Imperial Guard Regiments, which are stationed on the systems belonging to the Ordo Teutonicus. These are equipped following the conventions of the Imperial guard. The units are named after the planets they are stationed on.

The Galactic knights consist of 10 Gefechtskompanien. Each consisting of 2 Zügen with 5 Gruppen. The Dreadnoughts and other vehicles are assigned directly to the Gefechtskompanien . This is also true for the Chapters spaceships. So every Gefechtskompanie is a self-sufficient unit and can perform the assigned tasks on their own. These Gefechtskompanien are often working together with units of the Landwehr when defending planets against the xenos. People outside the Ordo Teutonicus speculate that there might be more then 10 Gefechtskompanien as there are so many planetary systems under guard by the Ordo Teutonicus, but if that is true no one knows.

The Galactic Knights’ chapter headquarter consists of the Hochmeister (Chaptermaster), a Großspittler ( Apothecary) and a Priesterbruder ( chaplain). The Hochmeister has a bodyguard consisting of 10 space marines in Terminator armour. These are known as the Eidbrüder , as they have sworn an oath to protect the Hochmeister at all costs.

A Gefechtskompanie is lead by a Kompaniemeister or short Meister. The equivalent of a captain in other chapters. The Gefechtskompanie is devided into two Züge with 50 Space Marines each. Each Zug is let by a Hochkomtur the equivalent of a Lieutenant in the Codex Astartes. The 5 Gruppen ( Squads) in each Zug are lead by a Komtur each. In codex Astartes chapters this would be the Sergeant. The Gruppe 1-5 is in the I Zug, the Gruppe 6-10 is in the II Zug. Aditionally every company can have one additional Gruppe of 10 Novizen ( Neophytes) these can belong to either Zug and are assigned as the Kompaniemeister sees fit.

If you want to read all the fluff I have written about the chapter so far go here

To Westeros!

Here is a wonderful after action report of a friend of mine over on Lead adventure forum.

Richard AAR

It is a little confrontation between the houses Lannister and Bolton versus Stark , Karstark and Tully.

More here you have to scroll down a bit! Well worth a look many more pictures and a nice report. They are using home-brew rules for this game.