An Ithorian

Here is the next miniature for the Star Wars legion project I am doing together with my son. As my son is in Turkey on an archeological excavation ( more about this here if you like), I have time to finish these as we can’t have any games at the moment. This is a 3D printed Ithorian, you can find the stl on Thingiverse.

Here are some more pictures:

More Star wars content to come in the future.

Sikorsky H-34

I got the above model for my Vietnam war Project. I want to use the Empress miniatures new pilot figures with the above model. The model is in 1/48 scale and fits quite nicely with the Empress Miniatures. The M60 included in the model is exactly as big as the one used on the Empress figures.

Now my problem. The pilot figures seem to be not fitting properly.

As you can see the hight works but somehow the cockpit is to long . If I sit the figures back in the seat to lean against the backrest they can’t reach the pedals or the stick. What would you do?

Here are pictures with the canopy added as a dry fit. Here the problem gets even more apparent :

So what would be your solution? Any help appreciated .