The LVPT5 is finally finished

This time it took quite long until I could find time to write this post. That doesn’t mean that I did no modeling or painting in the meantime. I just couldn’t find the time to take pictures of the finished projects.

So here is the first finished project I had time to take pictures of. The 3D printed LVPT5. I printed the vehicle on my resin printer. You can find out more here:

So here it is in all its glory. The crew is by Empress Miniatures.

Here are some closeups of the “Mean Machine” and the crew.

I hope you like my effort…. More to come hopefully more regularly again.


As I had a lot of shorter 3d printer filament pieces, too short for bigger projects, I printed these walls to finish them off with something useful. Walls like these can be used in between buildings or around parks and along streets. They are not only useful for my city of Hue project. So here they are:

The 3d stl files are from a WOW kickstarter campaign. I always based one wall and one pillar on one base to make them generic enough to be placed on my gaming boards in a multitude of ways.

Here are a few shots of a US Marine fireteam looking for the NVA/VC or is it the other way round?

An M48 Patton main battle tank for my US Marines

The M48 Patton is an American first generation main battle tank (MBT) introduced in February 1952, being designated as the 90mm Gun Tank: M48. Nearly 12,000 M48s were built, mainly by Chrysler and American Locomotive Company, from 1952 to 1961. The M48 underwent many design modifications and improvements during its production life. The M48 saw extensive action with the US military during the Vietnam War. Over 600 Pattons would be deployed with US forces during the war. The initial M48s first landed with the US Marine 1st and 3rd Tank Battalions in 1965. When US forces commenced redeployment operations, many of the M48A3 Pattons were turned over to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) forces, in particular creating the battalion-sized ARVN 20th Tank Regiment. At the end of the war 20th Tank Regiment had lost all of their tanks to enemy fire.During the first month of the First Battle of Quảng Trị all ARVN M48 Pattons were lost.

The model of the M 48 is an Empress Miniatures resin and white metal kit in 1/50. The crew figures were done by Paul Hicks. The model is very easy to put together and includes quite a few additional track links to ad to the vehicle as additional armor. I painted the model with an airbrush and conventionally with a paintbrush.

Here are pictures of the crew:

And of the M48