Who is calling in the Arty?


of course a Prick 25 operator. This is a Empress miniatures US Marine figure sculpted by Paul Hicks. He is carrying a PRC 25, aVHF transceiver, on his back. I made the antenna out of a plastic broom “hair” as I am clumsy and fear to brake the included metal one when gaming.


Here you see the PRC 25 with5 smoke grenades fixed to it. you can see that the metal frame , the PRC is affixed to goes down to the hip. Beneath the PRC is a role up rain poncho .

As always a treat to paint him.

How to paint a US Marine with Contrast colors

Today I will show you how I paint my US Marines with, mainly, GW Contrast colors. As I have to stay at home this week , because of Corona, I had the time to take a picture after each step.

Step 1:

A base coat of Sky grey.


Paint the trousers, shirt helmet cover and all bags water bottles etc Militarium green. This was thinned like all the contrast colors 50/50 with contrast medium. The trousers and shirt and helmet cover got to layers the rest only on. As you can see that gives a subtle different shade.

Step 3:

To paint the flack jacket I use a mixture of 5 drops Sepia shade + 1 drop of Creed camo.

Step 4:

Re base coat everything not jet painted and base coat the camo spots on the helmet cover in Sky Grey.

Step 5:

Paint the boots in Cigar brown.

Step 6:

Paint ca 50% of the camo spots on the Helmet cover with Nazdreg yellow, this time without thinning.

Step 7:

Paint the rest of the spots in Warp lightning again without thinning.

Step 8:

Paint the metal parts of the M16 in Silver.

Step 9:

Paint the plastic parts of the gun in Black.

Step 9:

Here I used paints from the Instar Alpha range . They can be used like the Contrast paints by GW but they are cheaper and give the same effect! Thinned down with their medium , called Water+, 50/50. Paint over the metal parts of the gun.

Step 10:

I painted the base in the color I use for my terrain building.

Step 11:

Paint the stones in grey.

Step 12:

Drybrush the base with Sand.

Now the figure gets a coat of matt varnish , I do this with my airbrush. Afterwards flocking and voila you get this:


I hope you liked my run trough my painting technique !

Bird down


As you know, if you follow my blog closely, I build some 3D printed Hueys for my Vietnam wargames. If you haven’t seen them have a look here. As my son dropped one of the models I thought about doing a crashed one.

This is how i found the model:


Then over on the Lead Adventure Forum the build something 2020 competition started. Theme was something destroyed . So I entered this build. As I dropped out now I can show you the build here , too.

I started with the chopper you see above broken of course.

I build three bases to be able to use them in my games. I added some bulletholes in the windscreen and the engine. After all there must be a reason why the bird crashed.

I finished the bases with sand and added scratch marks of the skids etc.


I did my own decal sheet from white decal paper. This means that all the white parts of the decals stay white when transferred unto the model instead of the clear decal sheets were the white parts stay clear.

Here are the pictures from the competition:

And some pictures together with other parts of my collection:


One-Hour Skirmish Wargames in Vietnam

I was asked which rules I would use for my Vietnam wargaming. I decided to give the “One-Hour skirmish wargames” rules by John Lambshead a tryIMG_4961

The game is a true one figure is one soldier game. Meaning the smallest maneuver unit is not a platoon or squad but a single soldier. The game doesn’t use dice but ordinary playing cards ( think poker) to introduce randomness . I try to show a few turns of a game I played the other night as an example.

You need two complete sets of playing cards including jokers , one for each side.

I drew a 7 clubs for the VC and a 5 clubs for the US to find out who goes first in the first turn. As the VC won they go first. Next the VC player draws a card to determine how many actions he has. He drew a 8 clubs so 8 actions.


The first action is to shoot at a US Marine up on the cliff . shooting comes from the VC in the middle of the picture. The VC player draws a card from his deck, a 9 clubs. The US player draws a card from his deck a 6 club. As the VC card is higher the Marine is hit and the figure is turned on the side.


That was the first action spend. 7 left.

Next another VC soldier shoots on another Marine.

IMG_4967  IMG_4968

The VC player draws a 10 clubs the US player a 7 clubs the marine is another casualty and the miniature is turned on the side.


Another action spend 6 to go. next the same soldier shoots again . As he spend an action before he needs to spend two actions for this.

IMG_4970 IMG_4971

The VC player draws a 7 spade the US one a 8 clubs . As spades are higher the clubs ( Spade, hear, diamond, clubs) the VC wins again ! Another US casualty.


For actions for the VC player left. Next another firefight. The VC shoots on jet another US Marine.

IMG_4973 IMG_4974

2 Spade for the VC , 9 heart for the Marine , pups another US casualty.


The rest of the actions left are used for a bit of relocation of the VC miniatures. A soldier can move 6 inches per action.

So now its the US players phase of the 1st turn as the VC spend all action points or didn’t want to do more this turn.

The US player draws a 10 heart , so he has 10 actions !

IMG_4979 IMG_4980

First action is to shoot on a VC on the cliff. As the Marine shooting is armed with a M60 he draws two cards and discards the lower one. The VC player draws one Card.


The VC card is the queen of hearts , The US player has the 4 spades and the 3 clubs , he discards the 3 clubs card. As Spades are higher then hearts the VC soldier is hit and turned on the side.


The rest of the action points is spend on moving Marines into better positions as there are no clear lines of fire this turn.

That ends the US phase of the first turn. Now the Morale phase for both players starts.

Every player draws a card from his deck for the figures lying on the side ( casualties). If the card is a heart or diamond one ( red cards) the figure is removed from the game. The soldier is severely wounded or KIA. If the card is a spade or clubs ( black cards) the figure is set upright again. He was only gone to ground because of the enemy fire. The figure can used as normal in the next turn.

IMG_4987  A dead VC.


A surviving VC.

This concludes the first Move. The game flows very easily and quick . All the weapons used in Vietnam can be represented from the M16 or M60 up to the Blooper or a mortar everything is possible. Vehicles tracked and wheeled are also included. The only missing asset is the chopper, I have to think something up for this iconic piece of equipment.

All in all a fast paced game like a Hollywood movie! Recommended !