I created a new page for the pictures of Salute2016 . I took so many pictures that I fear that the Conventions page will load not fast enough and you have to wait to long then.

So here are the Pictures of


They had a complete 2nd hall for the crowed to get in!!

Here is an overview of the convention hall:


The first game I want to show you is:


This is a game by the South London Warlords  Star Trek :

A Game called Dorset 1700 about smuggling at the coast . Even with a fault under the church!

A Frostgrave table:

And the three ups of the new Frostgrave figures:

The next Game:


A Battlestar Galactica Game:

The Hobby University, Building and painting miniatures how to and hands on:

A game of Iron Cross on a 4 ground table:

Foreviken 1134 a Lion Rampant game

Battle of Magnesia :

The Renedra castle:

Saving Prince Kishan

The Star Trek game by the south London warlords:

Warhammer 40 K by the south London warlords:

and the Rest

It was a very good show to go to as every year. This year again more traders as before. The seating areas which were there the years before are all gone. Which I think is no problem as there is enough seating in the main hall of the convention centre. Roll on next year!