A firebase somewere in Vietnam

So for the Build something contest over on the LAF forum I made the firebase you can see above. These are two terrain pieces roughly 40x80cm big. The fit against each other to form a 80x80cm terrain piece.

The Sandbags and other parafrenalia are 3d printed on a resin printer. The rest is scratchbuild. The roofs of the bunkers can be lifted up to place miniatures inside.

Here are some pictures of the bunkers during the build :

Next I build a base were the individual bunkers fit in:

The white sandbags were made out of DAS clay. Now the ground got a basecoat of paint and I added some smaller items like smoke grenades, C ration bags, warm food containers etc.:

Then all the bunkers emplacements etc got a black basecoat.

And this is the finished firebase:

I build the two terrain tiles to be able to insert a middle par as needed. So I will build different middle parts in the future like gun pits or a landing pad for choppers etc.

The start of my LVPT5

This is the project I started over the x-mas hollidays. A LVPT5. The model was printed on my resin printer in 1/50 scale. The figures are from Empress. Here is the picture which I took for refernce:

Here is a picture of the printed model:

And some pictures of the finished model before painting. The sandbags are made from green stuff, the c ration boxes, bags and ammo boxes are resin prints.

And the vehicle with added basecolors.

The miniatures will be painted with GWs contrast paints the rest will be done the traditional way….

More to come shortly

VC with rocket propelled grenade

Another RPG armed VC or NVA soldier. After a longer brake, due to work constrains, I have started painting again. I also started with a bigger gaming project of a campaign of patroling in the Nam. More on this in the future.