A firebase somewere in Vietnam

So for the Build something contest over on the LAF forum I made the firebase you can see above. These are two terrain pieces roughly 40x80cm big. The fit against each other to form a 80x80cm terrain piece.

The Sandbags and other parafrenalia are 3d printed on a resin printer. The rest is scratchbuild. The roofs of the bunkers can be lifted up to place miniatures inside.

Here are some pictures of the bunkers during the build :

Next I build a base were the individual bunkers fit in:

The white sandbags were made out of DAS clay. Now the ground got a basecoat of paint and I added some smaller items like smoke grenades, C ration bags, warm food containers etc.:

Then all the bunkers emplacements etc got a black basecoat.

And this is the finished firebase:

I build the two terrain tiles to be able to insert a middle par as needed. So I will build different middle parts in the future like gun pits or a landing pad for choppers etc.