Knight of House Bole

House Bole are Bannerman of House Glover, rulers over Deepwood  Motte. Sworn to house Stark of Winterfell. Here is a knight of House Bole. The sigil was designed by me as a chanting arm. A brown bole on a field devided white and red. The white and red from house Glover to show the status of Bannerman to that house.

The figure is a strait build from the Perry light horse set with a fire forge shield added.

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The Sigils of the Glover bannermen

I started painting the sigils on the shields of the light horse men for my Glover mesnie.

House Forester:

FullSizeRender 2

House Branch:


House wood:

FullSizeRender 4

House Bole:

FullSizeRender 3

The shield are not finished yet but as you asked I thought I show them now and don’t let you wait until rider and horse are finished!

A unit of Glover knights

I build 6 new knights for a Glover light cavalry unit for Lion Rampant. There will be Glover knights and knights from other houses who serve House Glover. So the sigils will not be all the same.

This is the officer of the unit. I built him from Perry and Fireforge parts. The body is cut in half at the waist the lower body is from Fireforge the upper body from the Perry light Cav. set The Arms are fire forge the head is from Perry. The Feathers are from my bits box ( I think from a GW helmet). The horse is a fire forge one with a Perry horse head. This knight will be from House Forester. ( Sigil will be a Tree green and brown on a red field). As there is no mentioning of the sigil of House Forester in the books I made it up myself.

The next one is a banner bearer. Built from a Perry light horse body and fire forge arms and helmet. The horse is a fire forge one again with a Perry head. This knight will be a House Glover household knight.

The next one will be a House Branch knight. As there is no description of the House Branch sigil in the books I made one up again . White field with red branch ( chanting heraldry). A strait build from the Perry light horse box except the shield it is from the Gripping Beast dark age warrior set. I cut of the boss to have more space for the sigil. I used these parts as I wanted to depict a knight who spend his youth in Dorne .

The next knight is another Glover household knight. A strait build from the light horse box by Perry with a Fireforge shield.

Next one is again a Perry light horse body with a firgeforge head and shield. This knight is from House Wood again chanting arms by myself as not mentioned in the books. 6 trees green and brown on a field white over red .

The last knight is from House Bole. Again no Sigil mentioned in the books. So I made one up again. A bole natural colors on a field white and red. A strait build from the Perry light horse set with a fire forge shield.

I tried to have some variations in the sigils but keep them together as a unit therefore the Glover colors as field in the arms of the different houses. The only mentioning of the houses above is in “Lady Sybelle Glover provides scouts from House Bole, Branch,forester and Wood to Stannis Baratheon for his march on Winterfell through the wolfs wood. (A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 42, The King’s Prize.)

I will post pictures of the painted knights when finished.

The Banner Bearer of the Glover mixed unit

This is the banner bearer of the unit. It is a Perry HYW body and a Perry mercenary pike arm. The shield is from Fireforge miniatures. The heraldry on the shield is a overpainted decal by The banner is freehand. As the House Glover is a house affiliated with the House Stark  I painted the Stark sigil in the hoist of the banner and the Glover one behind. A little bit like the standards used in the WotR. In the books the banners are often discribed as flying above or below each other but I thought this concept is better.



The next Glover bowman

After the long weekend with the bank holiday I can present the next Glover bowman.


It is a HYW Perry English archer body and when I remember correctly a head from the conquest games archer box.

FullSizeRender 2

next up will be the banner bearer of the unit!