Figures from a different company

As I can be a very impatient guy I tried out a different. Miniature manufacturer. I have completed quite a table full of Vietnam terrain but have no inhabitants so I didn’t want to wait until Empress Miniatures brings out civilians in their Vietnam war range and bought some from Full Metal Miniatures. Don’t get me wrong, you can never have to many civilians, so i will buy the Empress ones, too when they are avalable .

So here is a comparison of a Full Metal Miniature figure and two Empress ones:

As you can see the figure hight is comparable, the Full Metal Miniature in the centre of the picture is just a bit chunkier. For me it is a close enough fit to use miniatures of both brands on the same table.

Here are some more pictures of the white collar worker, woh will eventually supervise some porters on the docks of my river terrain.

I painted him like I did all my other Vietnam War figures with GW contrast colors. I think he looks the part.

The start of the 2nd squad, 3rd platoon

Here is the first Marine of the first fireteam of my 2nd squad. As the 1st and 3rd squads are finished as well as the HQ group of the squad and a forward artillery controller team this is the last subunit to complete my 3rd platoon.

Squad leader Sergeant Tom

This is the squad leader of the 3rd Squad . It is the Empress miniature combo of an officer and his RTO with a slight difference. I sawed-off the head of the officer figure. I removed the original head and added a head showing myself sculpted by ~Paul Hicks for me. So the figure looks a bit like myself. The original head was not discarded . I saved of the face and used the helmet on the officer figure:

Here you see the Helmet and the RTO more clearly.

Here are pictures of the completed HQ:

This finishes of the 3rd squad. I will start on the second one now. The first was already finished last year so when the second is done I will have a complete platoon. The only thing missing is a few mortars then…