USMC Recon squad

A few month back Empress miniatures released a 6 figure USMC Recon pack. I just started painting these. I thought it might be difficult to paint the camouflage uniform, but i think i found a way to paint it quite easily and quickly. It took me about 1 hour to finish this miniature.


The Marine is armed with an M16 and a sawn of shotgun.

I painted the uniform like I do all my marines. You can see the stages here.

After that I used Vallejo sky grey again to ad the camp stripes:


Then I added dark brown ( Snakebite leather ) and bright green ( Warp lightning) on the sky grey patches.


The rest was done as in above mentioned link described. Now just the the missing 5 figures to do.

Actual of a new US Marine Squad


Here is another combo of NCO and Radio operator with a prick 20 radio. I did a head swap on the NCO figure. The head I used is a sculpt of my head done by Paul Hicks.

Here is a comparison with the original model on the left. The Figures are from Empress miniatures.

More to come