Unboxing the new Perry WotR light horse 1450-1500

Today I got a big parcel in the mail containing the new Perry WotR light horse plastic figures.

There are enough parts for 12 figures. You can build either 12 horsemen with spears , Bows or crossbows. There are enough different heads to build 12 individual riders. It also contains parts for command figures, banners and historical infomation.These are compatible with the other plastic WotR sets by the Perries and you could even use parts from the latest English Army 1415-1429 set

There is no flash on the sprues so there shouldn’t be much preparation to be done before glueing the figures as expected by a Perry set.

The horse spurs are the same as in the other WotR sets.


sprueback spruefront

You can get a box here.

I will probably use mine for my GoT Lannister Army.

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