Actual of a new US Marine Squad


Here is another combo of NCO and Radio operator with a prick 20 radio. I did a head swap on the NCO figure. The head I used is a sculpt of my head done by Paul Hicks.

Here is a comparison with the original model on the left. The Figures are from Empress miniatures.

More to come

Lieutenant Colonel Will Killmore

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning” ( Apocalypse Now)


Lieutenant Colonel Will Killmore is a proud commander of men in the 1st Air Cav (Airmobile) Brigade. His role is to take the war to the enemy and overcome. He also intends to offer his men plenty of opportunity for R & R, especially water-based activities. Admittedly, he may pick odd times for them to pursue these sports but, whether bullets are still flying or not, if he says the area is safe, it’s safe. He supports his men in every way, especially when such a high percentage of them are wounded or KIA during operations he has planned. With his pack of playing cards and his classical music, he wages both physical and psychological warfare on the enemy.


The figure is from the Wargames Illustrated figure series giants in miniature and produced by Northstarfigures.

He is a character from Apocalypse now, but he has a slightly different name there. Not Killmore but Kilgore.


During the Vietnam War, U.S. Army 5th Special Forces soldier Colonel Walter E. Kurtz has apparently gone insane and is waging a brutal but successful guerrilla war against terrified NVA and PLAF forces without permission, directions or resupply from his commanders. At an outpost in Cambodia, he commands American and Montagnard troops who see him as a demigod. Captain Benjamin L. Willard is summoned to I Field Force headquarters in Nha Trang, briefed on the situation by two Army commanders and a CIA officer, and ordered to “terminate Kurtz’s command… with extreme prejudice“. Willard, initially ambivalent, joins a U.S. Navy river patrol boat(PBR) commanded by Chief Petty Officer “Chief” Phillips, with crewmen Lance, “Chef”, and “Mr. Clean” to quietly navigate up the Nùng River to Kurtz’s outpost. Before reaching the coastal mouth of the Nùng, they rendezvous with the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, a helicopter-borne air assault unit commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, to discuss safe passage. Kilgore is initially uncooperative as he has not received word about their mission through normal channels, but he becomes more engaged after discovering that Lance is a well-known surfer. The commander is an avid surfer himself and agrees to escort them through the Nùng’s Viet Cong-held coastal mouth. The squadron raids at dawn, with Kilgore ordering a napalm strike on the Viet Cong. Before Kilgore can lure Lance out to surf on the newly conquered beach, Willard gathers the sailors to the PBR to continue their mission…..


A nice figure fitting size wise to Empress miniatures as well as Gringos figures.