Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year

I would like to thank you all for your support and the many comments and likes you gave to wargamesgazette. I hope I can find as much interesting content for you to read in the next year as I did this year. If you have any ideas about what I should change or ad feel free to tell me!


I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope that Santa puts something miniature related into your stocking!


Falk von Schalke

Here is the next Halfmen Knight . Falk von Schalke a nephew of Dietrich von Schalke. He is bearing the back horse of Schalke as his heraldic device on a white background. These are the arms of the part of Gelsenkirchen which is called Schalke.


Next up will be his warriors!

The pub gets color

Yesterday I started painting the pub. The wood is done like I did the privy. the rest is done in a light brown were I added white in a few steps until plain white was reached.


This is of course only the start all the windows have to be done as well as the roof and the stonework on the chimney etc.

I started painting the privy

I started by doing a dry brush on the privy after base coating it black. I used van Dyk brown, a very dark brown , and added more and more light brown to it in each layer. This is the result:


And here are the stages of the dry brushing:

Next will be a wash with a warmer brown tone like umber and the painting of the details.

Some more progress on the barn and the privy

I had some time to do more work on the barn and start the privy. I did the roof of the barn, only the teddy fur missing. The privy is only missing the door and the roof. When the missing parts are done I will start painting the buildings. More info on the building process , of the public house too, can be found here.

The barn:


The privy :

More to come!

The start of a GoT wildling army

The free folk is the name used to refer to themselves by the people who live in the lands beyond the Wall, still on the continent of Westeros but beyond the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms. The name they employ makes reference to their society, which recognizes no inherent or hereditary political authority, except for leaders whom they choose to follow. The people of the Seven Kingdoms refer to the Free Folk derogatorily as wildlings.

Normally the wildlings are divided into many different rival clans ( up to 90 different ones), but occasionally they unite behind a single over-chieftain known as a King-Beyond-the-Wall, as they were under Mance Rayder. A major difference between the Free Folk and the feudal society of the Seven Kingdoms is that they do not recognize a class of hereditary nobility in their society. They take great pride in their “free” status.

When the Barbarian plastic box set from North Star came out a few weeks back I got myself a few boxes as I think they are a good start to do wildlings or free folk. First is a “unit” (is this a term fit for wildlings?) of 12 Bowmen or hunters . They will hunt for game as well as black watch.


The chief of the unit. A Barbarian body and arms with a frostgrafe soldier head with horns from a barbarian head.

first warrior:

A barbarian body with frost grave soldiers arms and Perry arrows.

second warrior:

A complete barbarian build minus the horns on the helmet which I gave to the chief.

third warrior:

A frost grave soldiers body with barbarian arms and head.

fourth warrior:

A barbarian body arms and head with a Perry bow and quiver on the back.

fifth warrior:

Again a strait build from the Barbarian box with the addition of Perry arrows.

sixth warrior:

A frostgrave Soldier body with barbarian arms and head

seventh warrior:

another strait build

eighth warrior:

and another right out of the barbarian box set.

nineth warrior:

A complete barbarian build.

tenth warrior:

A barbarian head and body with frost grave soldiers arms.

eleventh warrior:

A complete barbarian build with Perry arrows.

So these are the twelve figures in the unit for Dragon Rampant. There is one question though.

The wildlings  in the films have all long sleeves . The barbarian arms have bare upper arms. Have a look here:

Would you sculpt long sleeves on the models? I mean the come from the cold !?



The complete Mesnie of Hugo von Ueckendorf


The last warrior of Hugo armed with an axe.

And the complete Mesnie of Hugo von Ueckendorf:


As you can see I added 2 of the militia figures to the Mesnie so Hugo has six warriors. This is to form a unit for Dragon Rampant out of his mesnie, so the different ” Herren ” can fight each other ,too , as is typical for Gelsenkircheners. As soon as a battle turns against them they fight it out between themselves who becomes the next leader of the pack.

Next up will be Falk von Schalke the nephew of Dietrich von Schalke. He will bear the arms of the village of Schalke.