Orcs and the “gamefication” of Middle Earth

I found this article on Lead adventure forum. Very interesting to read !!!! Recommended .

“A few thoughts occurred to me while assembling some Tolkien-appropriate orcish forces for SoBH and DR games. This very interesting blog post by Zhu Baijie catalysed them somewhat (I commented as JC). As many of us are keen on gaming in Middle Earth, I thought these might – perhaps – be of interest. On the other hand, it just might see like a completely insane post!

My main contention is that gamers have, over the decades, tended to distort the descriptions contained in Tolkien’s writings and that these distortions have become quite deeply embedded in RPG and wargaming rules and publications. I think this “gamefication” also had an impact on Peter Jackson’s films (I wouldn’t be at all surprised if WETA had a hefty population of current or former gamers). Here are some examples:”

By Hobgoblin .

More to read here

The next 2 Agincourt plastic boxed sets by the Perrys


The release date for BOTH Agincourt sets is late February, however it might be a bit earlier.

The sets are Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29 and Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-29.


Above are samples from the Agincourt French men at arms frame just in.
There will be one of these frames (6 figures) in the Agincourt French Infantry box set along with 3 French Infantry frames shown previously. In all 42 figures.

For the Agincourt Foot Knights set there will be 3 French men at arms frames and 3 English men at arms frames (previously released with the Agincourt English Army set) in the box. In all 36 figures.


Renedra, who are always up for a challenge have done it again with the fine details on visors and weapons etc. on this frame.

All three sets (including the English Army set) have interchangeable parts allowing an enormous choice of individual figures to be created by the customer.
There are more pictures on the Perry site! And on there Facebook page




I am really looking forward to these sets for doing other GoT houses like the Tullys etc.


Discussion about value of painted miniatures

Over on the Lead adventure forum you can find a rather interesting discussion about the value of painted miniatures. Recommended to read . To be found here

“Been thinking, (which is normally a bad idea), about the value paint adds to our minis and come up with a few questions? Namely;

Does it, add value?
To what standard does a mini need to be painted for the value to increase?
What is pro painted? Which is a daft question but there must be some way to gauge it? Are there other criteria for example one does see tabletop standard.
Should some minis that are collectable and or rare simply not be painted?
Do you buy painted minis or have you bought painted minis? Why/why not. I have not but then they tend to cost more unless badly painted and I love nothing more than restoring some old neglected mini.
To what extent can one make a living from painting minis.

etc… hope to generate some interesting discussion.” Golgotha on Lead Adventure Forum.

The Flockbox

I got a Flockbox for x xmas which can be used for making your own grass tufts or for flocking your terrain.

FullSizeRender 7

“”The Flockbox is a unique and versatile flocking device that allows flocking of small to medium size objects at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a commercial flocking device.

‘Flock’ is nylon fibres like fine hair and is available in a huge range of colours, it is used to create the velvet feel on objects such as jewelry boxes, car dashboards, toys or longer flock can be used to create realistic looking grasses in miniature.

The Flockbox uses an electrostatic charge to attract the flock fibres onto your glued surface resulting in the fibres standing on their ends in the glue to produce a carpet effect.” Quoted from the manufacturers site.

You can find more info here

Here is a short video showing how it works. Curtesy The terrain tutor


Here are some tufts I made with the flock box:

FullSizeRender 4

I haven’t tried flocking terrain directly but I will post the results here when I did.

If you want to make your own tufts this device is recommended !!

The complete Stark Army

Here are pictures of the complete Stark Army. I will ad a archer unit to both my GoT Armies ( Stark and Lannister) then they will be finished for the time being. Next up will then be a Brax and a Raventree unit . Both other houses from GoT.


If you want to see more pictures of the single units or figures go here.