The next 2 Agincourt plastic boxed sets by the Perrys


The release date for BOTH Agincourt sets is late February, however it might be a bit earlier.

The sets are Agincourt French Infantry 1415-29 and Agincourt Foot Knights 1415-29.


Above are samples from the Agincourt French men at arms frame just in.
There will be one of these frames (6 figures) in the Agincourt French Infantry box set along with 3 French Infantry frames shown previously. In all 42 figures.

For the Agincourt Foot Knights set there will be 3 French men at arms frames and 3 English men at arms frames (previously released with the Agincourt English Army set) in the box. In all 36 figures.


Renedra, who are always up for a challenge have done it again with the fine details on visors and weapons etc. on this frame.

All three sets (including the English Army set) have interchangeable parts allowing an enormous choice of individual figures to be created by the customer.
There are more pictures on the Perry site! And on there Facebook page




I am really looking forward to these sets for doing other GoT houses like the Tullys etc.


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