VC with rocket propelled grenade

Another RPG armed VC or NVA soldier. After a longer brake, due to work constrains, I have started painting again. I also started with a bigger gaming project of a campaign of patroling in the Nam. More on this in the future.

Recoilless rifle on the move

My newest addition to the ranks of my NVA force is a recoilless rifle on the move. This one comes with another one deployed in the same pack. Figures are from Empress Miniatures from their indochine war range. Works for the American war, too.

Below are pictures of the 1st assistant gunner.

And the ammo bearer:

The gunner with the gun:

A truck for the trail

I thought I would need some targets for the SEALs and MACV SOG troops. So I got myself a few of the russian trucks from Rubicon, as these were used by the NVA, too. You can build the truck either as GAZ-AA or GAZ-AAA version. I build the GAZ-AA version. There is a driver for the cab included. So he had to be turned into a more Vietnamese looking type.

I used one of the Empress Miniatures Vietnamese heads on the Rubicon figure. The size fits quite well. So there are hopes that the Rubicon models for the Vietnam war, which should be available at the end of the year, should be compatible with the Empress ones.

Here is the completed truck:

But is this really just a truck transporting Rice or Ammo down the Ho Chi Min trail? Or is there something more dangerous on the flatbed ? More dangerous for gunships, FACs or fast movers? If you get rid of the tarp….

You get something like an early technical. I am not sure if this is really historical correct, but it looks good and anyway it is my game!

The AA gun and female crew is by Empress miniatures sculpted by Paul Hicks. I mounted the gun on a flatbed base to be able to place it in the truck:

And a few more pictures on my gaming table:

I have another two of these trucks which I will finish as another GAZ-AA and a GAZ-AAA with different loads.

The complete Company Command squad

Here is the completed company command squad for my NVA army. A really nice pack of figures from Empress Miniatures full of character .

Above is the last missing figure, my company commander .

Next up A US Marine mortar section.

A “colonial style” building for my Hue project

Here is the next building for my Hue city project. Another 3D printed building from WOW buildings. It is from the world in ruins kickstarter set. It is intended for a “Saving Privat Rian” setting, but I think it works for Hue too.

Here are some pictures of a Marine Recon squad searching the building:

Will they find the NVA hiding in the building?

More Building to come….