NVA Soldier with RPG


Here is a RPG gunner for my NVA force. Nice is that he has a secondary arm sculpted on . This helps with the rules I play ( Danger Close Version 2). You can read more about the rules here.

As you can see here the model has a big pack of rocket grenades on the back. He really looks the business.

This is the last trooper

The last missing trooper of the first Gruppe. Now only the Feldwebel ( sergeant) of the Gruppe is missing.


Again the helmet is from an Eisenkern trooper the rest of the figure is Games Workshop.

The repository of tabletop gaming retailers

I found this on Facebook at the weekend and thought that this site deserves a bit more attention This site attempts to provide a directory of all online tabletop gaming websites in one easy to navigate location. Look for yourself: The Repository

You can search the repository for tags like figure scale, manufacturer, topic etc. It is very recommended. Alas as it is very new there are still a lot of entries missing. The people behind this site therefore ask for help in developing the repository further.