A Game of Thrones Lannister Army

Here you will find my Lannister army. I changed the rules system I use for gaming in the GoT universe to Lion Rampant . Soon to be changed into Dragon Rampant. You can find out more about these rules systems here.

Here is the latest unit for my Lannister Army. A foot knight unit consisting of 6 knights:

FullSizeRender 26

FullSizeRender 13

FullSizeRender 20

FullSizeRender 8

FullSizeRender 17

FullSizeRender 5


The complete Lannister Army so far ( there will be more in the future)

The last of the heavy nights:

This is the last of the heavy knights. When Dragon Rampant comes out I will do another one as the Jamie figure then can be used without an attached unit.

The Lannister heavy knights banner bearer.

I gave him a banner with a gold colored lion instead of the usual yellow one as Jaime is famous for his golden armour and I wanted to have a different banner for his personal banner bearer in comparison to the usual Lannister banners I have in my army.

FullSizeRender 7 FullSizeRender 5

FullSizeRender 6

The third heavy Lannister knight:

Here is the next of Jaimes Bodyguard unit. There will be 5 heavy knights. Here is the second:

k2a k2b k2c k2d k2e

And another member of the Lannister family!

Tyrion Lannister , scratch build by my son and painted by me. We used this picture as the masterplan for this figure:


And here are the pictures of the figure:

Tyrion1 Tyrion2 Tyrion3 Tyrion4 Tyrion5 Tyrion6

I forgot to post pictures of the leader of the foot sergeants unit. I tried to paint him in red armour. Do you think the red armor works?

rk4 rk3 rk2 rk1

Here are pictures of the completed unit. I am thinking about swiping the officer for a more medieval and less fantasy look (red armor doesn’t work for me)

8 6

4 2


And the unit in action against a Stark light infantry unit:

action3 action1


Any comments welcome!

And the last Sergeant for this unit!!! At last I managed to finish this unit. I hope the next one will be quicker.

yl1 yl2 YL3 yl4

I will take some pictures of the completed unit next.

Here is the next Lannister sergeant only one more to go to finish the complete unit for Lion Rampant

y4 y3 y2 y1

Here are more pictures of the Tyrion Lannister Conversion my Son did .

It will be painted by me shortly.


And a comparison shot with Jaime Lannister to show how short he is.


Here is the first of Jaime Lannisters bodyguard heavy knights. It is a strait build out of the Perry box mounted knights of the war of the roses. I only added a shield (by Fireforge). The heraldry is freehand as usual.

kh1 kh2 kh3 kh4 kh5

And here is the next Lannister sergeant as promised :

g1 g2 g3 g4

The shield is freehand again. Enjoy

Here is the finished Jaime Lannister figure on horseback and on foot:

First the figure on horseback. I painted the sword in a blue steel color to represent Valyrian steel.

japainted4 japainted7 japainted6 japainted5 japainted3

Next the foot figure:

japainted8 japainted11 japainted10 japainted9

Next will be another sergeant from the soon finished sergeants unit. Then the first of Jamies bodyguard.

As you can find elsewhere on Wargamesgazette I started on a Lannister sergeants unit a wile ago I will post pictures of the completed unit here as soon as I am finished painting them.

Here you see pictures of my Jaime Lannister figure on horseback and on foot. Accompanied by his heavy household knights.

Jamie3 Jamie2

Jamiefoot3 Jamiefoot2

The figure was build out of Perry plastic WOTR sets and an Ansar head

Here together with the knights:


And the knights alone:

Jamie8 Jamie7 Jamie6 Jamie5 Jamie4

I gave them shields to make them into a little bit more fantasy like knights ( The shields are from Fireforge).

I will post pictures of the painted figures when finished!

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