The proud owner of a rice paddy

This Vietnamese village elder looks proudly over the rice paddies of his village, or is he looking for the imperialist enemy?

OOPs, he had a rifle hidden in the elephant grass behind him… better look more closely next time!

Mamasan got some rice on the market

Another civilian miniature. This time a female one. She is carrying an upturned wicker hat draped with a piece of cloth. This was very typical for carrying goods. So after leaving the goods purchased on the market she goes to the weapons cache to do some hunting…..

Another guerrilla fighter to wreak havoc….

just a guy from the ville, or a VC?

A few weeks back Empress Miniatures released their Vietnam civilian range and a corresponding VC range. So you never know in your games if it is just someone from the next village or a VC… This makes it much easier to stage a guerrilla war on the tabletop. So here is the first set:

Just a porter…
or a VC…

This concept is really nice I think and you can enhance it by painting the figures alike.

Many more to come

A Leman Russ battle tank by my son Fynn

So this is something completely different from the last things I posted. My son is into Warhammer 40000. He came home for the easter holidays and brought a Leman Russ tank home. He wanted me to apply a coat of matt varnish to protect it. He has no airbrush so he always comes back home for this. I think it is quite nice what he did to the model.