The fight for the wizard! A GoT AAR

We had a game at the weekend using a part of my GoT figures . The rules we used were Dragon Rampant.  The was to “rescue” a wizard. The wizard moved randomly (when he moved at all ). My son played the Lannisters I played the Starks.


The wizard.

The disposition at the beginning.

The Starks had the first move but lost the roll for movement and so the Lannisters had a go. The wizard refused to move at all.


My son tried to move the Lannisters but failed the to move die roll too. Therefore Robb Stark was activated by me to gallop for the wizard.

Both sides send the heavies in then.


The infantry followed up next


An Overview of the battle at this stage.

Then a Move activation of Robb Stark worked and he reached the wizard.

Now a grand melee commenced around Robb and the wizard!

The battle moved from side to side and both sides lost a lot of warriors, so that at last a battle between Jaime Lannister and Robb Stark decided the fate of the wizard.

And the Lannisters could lead the wizard away

I Hope you liked the battle report . Next will be a full battle with all the Got figures I have .

Restarted my House Brax mixed unit for GoT

After a longer hiatus I restarted my House Brax unit. Here is a new Billman for the unit:


I will finish the rest of the figures over the next few days . After that I will come back to my halfmen army. You can see the other figures in the unit here: Flement Brax , Crossbowman  1 , Billman , Banner bearer , another crossbowman , Crossbowman 3  , another billman and at last jet another Crossbowman.

I build a new desktop for my painting and modeling needs

So I am back from a holiday in Italy now. Sorry that I didn’t post a lot during the last week. I rebuild my painting and modeling desk though. I needed more space on the table to be able to do terrain work there, too . The solution was to have a second level on the desk for storing the paints and all the other paraphernalia of our hobby. So I put down a sheet of MDF to protect the desk and build a second level in the back of the table. Pictures of work in progress:

Sorry but can’t remember were the paint racks came from forgot to keep a bookmark. But I think I saw them over on the Lead Adventure Forum.

Here are pictures of the finished table . I have a painting and modeling side now . Left is modeling right is painting.


So now with more space painting will go on !


Ass Hauer the leader of the halfmen militia unit

I finished the first miniature from the Westfalia halfmen kickstarter  ( You can see the unpainted miniature here). The figure of a famous old warrior who fought many battles against the yellow Kobolds of Dort-Mund. In these battles he lost an eye and a leg but he still wants to get back into the fight. Here is the finished Ass Hauer:


Next will be the members of his unit. The figures are very well sculpted and a treat to paint! I am looking forward to painting all the other miniatures. Well done Westfalia Miniatures !!!