On this page I will occasionally post Pictures of places, equipment or Reenactment shows as inspiration for building terrain or painting figures or even sculpting figures .

Telgte 2015

My brother was at Telgte medieval show in August 2015. He send me some pictures for Inspiration and I would like to share them with you!


Living in the field

32 31 30 28 27 26

24 23

21 20


2912 11

10 9 8 7

2 4 3 5 616

The more fantastic stuff

14 13

An Amazone


My brother talking to an Orc


Robin Hood?

and last but not least


Could this be Merlin or a spell caster from frostgrave?

And how they treated prisoners:


Hope you can use the pictures as inspiration!

Bentheim 2015

In June 2015 I was at Bentheim castel wich is near the place I live.


Castle Bentheim is the largest hilltop castle in northwest Germany, receiving mention for the first time in 1050. For five centuries it has been owned by the Counts and Princes of Bentheim and Steinfurt

The Princely House of Bentheim consists of two dynastic lines, both residing in the Münsterland region – the “Princes of Bentheim and Steinfurt”, owners of Castle Bentheim, and the “Princes of Bentheim-Tecklenburg”, whose ancestral seat is Rheda. You can read more here.

Here are a few pictures of the castle:

Burg7 Burg6 Burg5

Burg2 Burg1

At the Weekend there was a medieval market at the castle here are a few pictures:

Ausstellung 11 Ausstellung1 Ausstellung2 Ausstellung3 Ausstellung4 Ausstellung5 Ausstellung6 Ausstellung7 Ausstellung8 Ausstellung9 Ausstellung10 Ausstellung12 Ausstellung13 Ausstellung14 Ausstellung15I Hope this is inspiration for painting medieval figures

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