The next Lannister warrior

The next Lannister warrior is finished . This time armed with a pike. All in all my Lannister soldiers will be better armed and armoured then the Stark ones because as everybody knows the Lannisters have much more gold.

s1 s2 s3


The Heraldry on the shield is freehand painting as the heraldry of the Starks



Warmonger  the  new  fantasy part of Wargames Foundry is rumbling steadily into life.

They already have some of the original Kevin Adams Great Orc Characters, Mercenary Orcs and Orcling riders available for sale and will be adding to them steadily over the next few weeks. Next up will be the War Orcs and various odds and ends. The first new Greenskins will also be available for sale in the next week or two!

To keep in touch with what they are doing join their mailing list and ‘like’ the Warmonger facebook page:

Postage on the new Warmonger website is free worldwide for a while as they celebrate their return to the fantasy fray.

A Stark Army (GoT) for Saga


I started to build a 28mm Stark Army a few month ago. This army is intended for the SAGA rules by Gripping beast.

So Far there is the Warlord Robb Stark and a hearthguard , warrior and levy unit.

You can see more here

There will occasionally be another page about my Lannister army  but that will take a bit longer to finish

News from North Star Military Figures

Frostgrave Plastic Soldier Box


What is the Frostgrave Soldiers box set all about?
This is a set of 20 plastic 28mm sized figures. Their role in the game is to accompany the Wizards into the frozen city, fight opponents and grab treasure. The player designs his own band of followers, and arms them as they wish. So our box set is designed to allow you to do that. In the box there are 4 ‘frames’ of plastic. Each frame has:
5 bodies
10 heads
25 different arms/ weapons
2 shields
+ selection of bags & equipment.
This means you can make 100’s of unique figures, no two wizards band should ever be the same.

More here


In July, Osprey Games will be releasing Frostgrave, a new fantasy, skirmish wargame where players take on the role of wizards and lead their bands of adventurers into the ruins of an ancient, frozen city in a quest for magical treasure. In support of this game, Osprey Games have teamed up with North Star Military Figures to jointly produce a large range of official Frostgrave Miniatures. The range will include 10 wizards, one representing each of the ten schools of magic in the game, 10 apprentices to support the wizards, and a large number of soldiers, henchmen, creatures and monsters. This includes a box set of multi-part, plastic soldiers, a first for both Osprey Games and North Star!

These figures are being sculpted by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Mark Copplestone, Mark Sims, Mike Owen, Nick Collier and Bob Naismith! The figures will be released at the same time as the game, but in May everyone will have a chance to pre-order them through North Star’s Nickstarter program. ( From Osprey)