The Tactica Convention Report

Now that I am back from Hamburg I will start a convention Report on the Convention report page. 

It was a very good convention to go to, to say the most important at the start. I will definitely go there again. It was quite full and the air was as usual at conventions very hot and at some places smelly. But I think that must be the case when nerds meet 🙂

I started working on the pictures I took but there are so many that it will take some time to sort them all. So for the time being here is a little overview until the real report starts.



This is all for now more as soon as I find time to sort the Pictures.

On my way to Hamburg for the Tactica

Tomorrow morning I will leave for Hamburg in the early morning hours. It is a three hours drive from were I live . So it will be a very long and very exciting day!

Here are a few pictures of the games that will take place at Tactica this year. I took them shamelessly from the Tactica homepage I think that is OK as I promote the show 😉


This is a picture of the miniature you can only get at Tactica 2016


Hamma, Lombard Leader

With this year’s special Hamburg Tactica miniature they travel far back in time. As befits the ROME theme room, they have chosen a Lombard lord of the time around the birth of Christ.

For more info on the show go to the Tactica homepage.

I will write a report about this convention when I am back home. Of course with as many pictures as I can squeeze in!

The next Lannister bowman

Here is the second Lannister bowman. He is a strait build from Perry plastic WotR parts. No greenstuff added.

FullSizeRender 2


Next will be another Stark figure. I have to finish these quite quickly as I want to start on the Westfalia halfmen right away when they reach me.


The Hamburg Tactica 2016

I will be at the Hamburg Tactica ,on Saturday the 27th of February , for the first time.The Tactica is a 2 day convention held on the 27th and 28th of Febr. 2016 in Hamburg Germany.

The complete address of the venue is:

Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg Mengestr. 20, 21107 Hamburg

The convention runs on Saturday from 10am to 8pm and on Sunday from 9am to 4 pm

Here are two videos of last years Tactica to wet your appetite ( sorry but only in german)

And a few pictures of the 2015 convention, more info on Hamburger Tactica

I will write a report and post my pictures from this years Tactica when I am back home.


The repository of tabletop gaming retailers

I found this on Facebook at the weekend and thought that this site deserves a bit more attention This site attempts to provide a directory of all online tabletop gaming websites in one easy to navigate location. Look for yourself: The Repository

You can search the repository for tags like figure scale, manufacturer, topic etc. It is very recommended. Alas as it is very new there are still a lot of entries missing. The people behind this site therefore ask for help in developing the repository further.



Trees and Shrubs

This weekend I started doing some trees and shrubs for my tabletop terrain.

What you need to build the trees and shrubs is some big enough nails, metal wool ( for sanding / use the finest you can get), cheap oregano ( it doesn’t have to taste good !) at least 500 g for 10 trees and ten shrubs, a hot glue gun, an airbrush or a black and a green spray can, spray glue, paper beer mats and a well ventilated workspace.

So now what I did  with all this. First I cut out oval or round discs out of the paper beer mats. These will be the bases of the trees/shrub. Then I took a nail and glued it with the hot glue gun to the beer mat like so:


Then I cut of a piece of the metal wool ( use a pair of old scissors for this as they won’t be sharp afterwards) and shaped it into a tree form. Thereafter put some hot glue on the top of the nail and slip the metal wool over the nail. Be careful not to burn your fingers.

FullSizeRender 2

The shrubs were made by hot gluing the metal wool directly to the beer mat.

FullSizeRender 3

You could use different sizes of nails to do different trees I only had one size of nails at hand.

The next step is spraying the whole tree/shrub black. I used an airbrush you can use a spray can of course anyway be sure to have a well ventilated area to work in. Next you spray the tree/shrub with spray glue (wait for the black paint to dry first) and put a generous amount of oregano over the tree/shrub. Leave that to dry over night and buy yourself a pizza because you will be very hungry when the house smells of oregano 🙂

Once dry shake of the oregano excess and spray the tree in green color. Let that dry and give the beer mat a good covering of fine and coarse sand like you do with the rest of the scenery you have . You should have something like this then:

FullSizeRender 5

In this picture the sand on the base is still missing. I will post more pictures when the trees are finished.


The Completed Avenger!

The Avenger Strike Fighter is completed. Here are the pictures of the model. I will right up a complete article with all the steps from the beginning to completion of the Avenger on the Airbrush painting page. So here are the pictures:

FullSizeRender 9

If you like what you see feel free to leave a comment!