A “colonial style” building for my Hue project

Here is the next building for my Hue city project. Another 3D printed building from WOW buildings. It is from the world in ruins kickstarter set. It is intended for a “Saving Privat Rian” setting, but I think it works for Hue too.

Here are some pictures of a Marine Recon squad searching the building:

Will they find the NVA hiding in the building?

More Building to come….


As I had a lot of shorter 3d printer filament pieces, too short for bigger projects, I printed these walls to finish them off with something useful. Walls like these can be used in between buildings or around parks and along streets. They are not only useful for my city of Hue project. So here they are:

The 3d stl files are from a WOW kickstarter campaign. I always based one wall and one pillar on one base to make them generic enough to be placed on my gaming boards in a multitude of ways.

Here are a few shots of a US Marine fireteam looking for the NVA/VC or is it the other way round?

Pottery for my Vietnam table

I wanted to add some things to give the buildings of my Vietnam war village and city a more lived in look. So I started with some pots were Rice or salted fish or firearms? can be stored in. I got some cheap wooden beads from e bay :

Wooden beads in different sizes

I glued them to MDF bases and painted them in different colors . They look like this now:

You can use them as focal point for gaming, too. Lets say a US squad has to search a village to find weapons etc . There is enough space beneath the base to mark them with the content of the pots.

Here they are on my gaming table:

The village well

This is the last item for now I did for my Vietnam village. The next pieces will be for my cityscape. I found the STL file on thingiverse I think, but I can’t remember really as it is quite a time gone by since I printed it. It is an asian well. I thought it might be nice to have as another ,maybe, entrance to a VC tunnel system.

The streets for Hue

In one of the last posts I showed you a house I did for my Hue project. You can see it here. If you build a city you need some groundwork to place it on. As my terrain tiles are all grassland and not suited for a build up environment. I started building thin overlays as ground for the city/village. I will build streets running over the rest of the terrain in a similar way later.

I got myself some foam board sheets (PVC), like they are used by sign makers, you get them in the WWWor as waist from sign makers if you ask politely.

The sheet as it comes and cut to the right size, in my case roughly a foot by a foot.

I then added sand as texture, you can use white glue to fix the sand .

The sand added, make sure it is even as otherwise the buildings won’t sit flush on the base.

Then I added the usual paint I use for all my ground work like bases, around buildings and other vegetation.

Here a lighter dry brush is still missing.

So you get the result you can see below. As the tiles are very thin( but not warping) you can take them with you to other locations quite easily. As you can see on the picture. The setup is on our dining room table and not on my usual gaming table in the basement. This could be a nice lockdown project as you get everything you need on the net.

The finished base tiles

I see purple smoke

Last year I build a burning smoke grenade in the classic way, by using an armature and self made colored upholstery foam. You can read about this here.

Now As I got a 3D printer last year and I acquired some STL files for smoke effects like missile exhaust , explosions etc from Deadly Print Studio I tried there smoke marker STL . I modified the file a bit to get different sizes of smoke . Then I printed them out based them in the usual way and added a little smoke grenade. Here are the results:

These are the two designs you get from Deadly Print.

Now I combined them in Tinker CAD to make these:

The miniature is an Empress Miniature added for size comparison .

Here are some more pictures:

What do you think which is better ?