Restarted my House Brax mixed unit for GoT

After a longer hiatus I restarted my House Brax unit. Here is a new Billman for the unit:


I will finish the rest of the figures over the next few days . After that I will come back to my halfmen army. You can see the other figures in the unit here: Flement Brax , Crossbowman  1 , Billman , Banner bearer , another crossbowman , Crossbowman 3  , another billman and at last jet another Crossbowman.

I build a new desktop for my painting and modeling needs

So I am back from a holiday in Italy now. Sorry that I didn’t post a lot during the last week. I rebuild my painting and modeling desk though. I needed more space on the table to be able to do terrain work there, too . The solution was to have a second level on the desk for storing the paints and all the other paraphernalia of our hobby. So I put down a sheet of MDF to protect the desk and build a second level in the back of the table. Pictures of work in progress:

Sorry but can’t remember were the paint racks came from forgot to keep a bookmark. But I think I saw them over on the Lead Adventure Forum.

Here are pictures of the finished table . I have a painting and modeling side now . Left is modeling right is painting.


So now with more space painting will go on !


Ass Hauer the leader of the halfmen militia unit

I finished the first miniature from the Westfalia halfmen kickstarter  ( You can see the unpainted miniature here). The figure of a famous old warrior who fought many battles against the yellow Kobolds of Dort-Mund. In these battles he lost an eye and a leg but he still wants to get back into the fight. Here is the finished Ass Hauer:


Next will be the members of his unit. The figures are very well sculpted and a treat to paint! I am looking forward to painting all the other miniatures. Well done Westfalia Miniatures !!!