An M113 for my ARVN force

I got the wonderfull 3D STLs from BobMack for the Vietnam war. There are nearly all versions of the M113 included. I printed the M113 with my resin printer and enlarged it to 1/50 to fit in with my other vehicles from Empress Miniatures. the crew and Infantry figures are by Empress, sculpted by Paul Hicks.

The 1st squad of my ARVN platoon

Sometime last year I bought some of the ,then new, Empress ARVN Infantry figures. Now I finished the first squad of them. We’ll see how they perform on the gaming table later.

So here are the pictures of the first squad

And many more pictures of each fighure in the squad:

The LVPT5 is finally finished

This time it took quite long until I could find time to write this post. That doesn’t mean that I did no modeling or painting in the meantime. I just couldn’t find the time to take pictures of the finished projects.

So here is the first finished project I had time to take pictures of. The 3D printed LVPT5. I printed the vehicle on my resin printer. You can find out more here:

So here it is in all its glory. The crew is by Empress Miniatures.

Here are some closeups of the “Mean Machine” and the crew.

I hope you like my effort…. More to come hopefully more regularly again.

A firebase somewere in Vietnam

So for the Build something contest over on the LAF forum I made the firebase you can see above. These are two terrain pieces roughly 40x80cm big. The fit against each other to form a 80x80cm terrain piece.

The Sandbags and other parafrenalia are 3d printed on a resin printer. The rest is scratchbuild. The roofs of the bunkers can be lifted up to place miniatures inside.

Here are some pictures of the bunkers during the build :

Next I build a base were the individual bunkers fit in:

The white sandbags were made out of DAS clay. Now the ground got a basecoat of paint and I added some smaller items like smoke grenades, C ration bags, warm food containers etc.:

Then all the bunkers emplacements etc got a black basecoat.

And this is the finished firebase:

I build the two terrain tiles to be able to insert a middle par as needed. So I will build different middle parts in the future like gun pits or a landing pad for choppers etc.

The start of my LVPT5

This is the project I started over the x-mas hollidays. A LVPT5. The model was printed on my resin printer in 1/50 scale. The figures are from Empress. Here is the picture which I took for refernce:

Here is a picture of the printed model:

And some pictures of the finished model before painting. The sandbags are made from green stuff, the c ration boxes, bags and ammo boxes are resin prints.

And the vehicle with added basecolors.

The miniatures will be painted with GWs contrast paints the rest will be done the traditional way….

More to come shortly

A happy christmas to you all

Another year has gone by much to quickly again. This year was an exceptional one for me as my hobby time went down as the year progressed. Due to work costrains, my daytime profession is in the medical sector, there was just no time and whats even worse no power left during the evenings to spend with my favorite pasttime.

I hope this will change again when the pandemic looses its drive, whenever that will be….

So, I am sorry that I couldn’t update these pages as often as I would normaly have done and you expected of me. As soon as there is more time again, I promise, this will be changed. I have a lot of things on my painting table so watch this space.

I wish you all a happy christmas and a wonderfull prosperous new year and above all good health in these rather difficult times !!!

Some swamp terrain pieces

Last weekend I finished some scatter terrain pieces to be used as swamp area. I am building up the last missing terrain pieces for a campaign game set during the Vietnam war, north of the parrots beak area. This area of Vietnam was a large swamp and abandoned rice paddy area near the border to Cambodia. So an infiltration point for the NVA and VC. But back to the terrain pieces. I want to depict the swamp as individual scatter terrain to be able to have different pathways through the swamp. The whole area will hinder movement due to being difficult terrain.

The individual pieces were build from extruded polystyrine, sand, PVA. I cut out 3mm thick pieces of EPS and glued the sand around the boundries of the piece with PVA this gave me a boundry for the swamp area. I then pinted the sand and swamp area with the apropriate colors. the swamp got 2 coats of acrylic gloss varnish to simulate the water. I added individual long grass tufts made from artificial lawn strands, clump foliage and grass fibres to blend it in with my other terrain.

Next up will be some destryed village buildings, as I only have some in good repair. The region my campaign will take place has a few destroyed villages so have to build them . More later.