Gruppe Karl of the 2nd Gefechtskompanie Galactic Knights Space Marine Chapter

Here is the Komtur of the 3rd Gruppe 2nd Gefechtskompanie of the Galactic Knights Space marine Chapter. Komtur Karl is a former member of the Elite first Gefechtskompanie also known as “Mondkrieger” ( Moonwarriors) , therefor he wears the icon of the Mondkrieger on his left knee. A blue moon with the name Mondkrieger above in red. On the right knee he wears the Gruppe sign of the 3rd Gruppe a red chapter cross.


Here is the icon of the Mondkrieger a bit bigger :


The icon on the figure is a decal I made with decal paper and a printer. As I do all my decals.

Here are some more pictures of Karl:

The black helmet also denotes him as a member of the first Gefechtskompanie. All members of the first Kompanie wear black helmets instead of white ones to denote their elite status. So as a former member and a Komtur he has a black helmet with a red stripe denoting his rank.

Next up some more members of the 3rd Gruppe.


“Eardrumsplitta and the Waaaagh singers”

Now that I dropped out of the build something Contest on Lead Adventure Forum I can show pictures of the finished and painted build. Here is the picture I handed in for the contest. You were only allowed to send in one picture .Contestbild

Here is the man himself “Mr. Eardrumsplitta”:


The drummer:


Simon thats one of the Gretchin you gave to me so generously!

The guitarist:


The bassman:


The Stage:


Turn up the volume!


The Tank:

And a few shots of the band:


Hope you like my effort. if so feel free to like or leave a coment!

First shots of plastic Chasseurs a Cheval by the Perry twins

perrylight chasseurs

These are the first shots of the plastic Chasseurs a Cheval.
Fresh from Renedra the Perrys have the first shots of the main Chasseur (trooper) frame. Renedra just need to tweak a few small bits but this frame is done, the command frame is well on its way. So everything will be ready for Salute.
Alan Perry has put a few of these together to show the poses and uniform variations you will be able to achieve which you can see above.
The figures in this box will represent Line Chasseurs a Cheval from 1808-15. Four uniform variants are covered; campaign and full dress for 1808-12 and campaign and full dress for 1812-15. During this period the coat changed from the single breasted Kinski coat to the lapelled Spencer coat around 1812 although the latter probably took a while to replace the former. Both types are presented in this set, along with elite company uniforms. The figures in the Kinski coat can also be used as Hussars in campaign dress. As you can see there are multiple arm poses and many head gear variants.
There will be a free metal figure of Colonel Marbot of the 23rd Chasseurs a Cheval (which of cause could be painted as any Chasseur colonel) if you buy three or more sets direct from the Perrys online and at Salute.

I think a very useful addition to the growing plastic Perry napoleonic range!

My Visit of the MHM Dresden . The Militärhistorisches Museum of the Bundeswehr.

During my last holiday I went to the Museum of the Bundeswehr located in Dresden Germany. History here starts with the building itself. Today you find the Bundeswehrmuseum inside the building was constructed in 1877 as arsenal for the saxon army. In 1897 it was used as an army museum for the first time. since 1940 it was the Heeresmuseum , the museum of the Wehrmacht. After 1957 it was used as the museum of the NVA ( National peoples army of the GDR). In 1990 it was taken over by the Bundeswehr and reopened as the Bundeswehrmuseum in 1994 . Up until 2011 it was refurbished and partially rebuild under the famous architect Daniel Libeskind.

The building today:


The exhibition shows exhibits from the 13th century up until most recent developments of the Bundeswehr.

Here are pictures of the oldest artifacts on display:

Throughout the complete museum you find cupboards and drawers with rebuild artifacts you can try out . The one above explains ringmail. In the drawer you find a pair of ringmail gloves to try out.

Next up are pictures of the horse and musket period . 7th year war up to Napoleonic wars .

You can find a lot of these prints in drawers in the Napoleonic part of the exhibition. Very useful for painting miniatures. The plates below show the uniforms of the saxon army after 1810.

The Revolution of 1848 is the next stop we take when strolling through the museum:

The “iron sealion” The first U-Boot of the German Navy from 1850 build by Wilhelm Bauer.

Kaiserreich up to the 1st world war:

The world wars:

Todays Bundeswehr :

The exhibition ” Animals in the Army”:


Miniatures in the Museum:

War and play:

Other pictures:

The outdoor exhibition:

So, there is loads more to see , but I hope you could get a small overview of the Museum . If you should ever be in Dresden it is well worth a visit. The Homepage of the museum can be found here.



Part 2 of the Tactica 2018 picture report

Here is the rest of the pictures I took at the Tactica 2018, enjoy:

Warhammer 40.000:


Battle of Hattin:

Black Hawk down:


Foreign Legion:



Bir el Gubi (Flames of War):

French Indian war Diorama:

Unbelievably detailed ancient ships. Sorry somehow forgot to get the name of the chap who makes these. If anybody knows please tell me so I can credit him here.

Italy 1943 Diorama:

That was the rest of the pictures I took at this years Tactica. That gets me two conventions visited ( Kiepe in Münster and Tactica in Hamburg) and two more to come this year, Salute/London and Crisis/Antwerp. Halftime!

The Tactica 2018 picture report, part I

The Tactica 2018 which was held on the 24th and 25th of Feb. 2018 in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg is over. Another great event with lots of familiar and new faces. There were really good demo and participation games as well as a lot of traders. As the venue is quite small, everything that would possibly fit in was crammed into it. The parking was a problem again as every year  as the venue car park is just to small. But as far as I know it would be a financial hazard to go to another venue as all other bigger ones are really big ones and therefore quite expensive. Anyhow another splendid show gone by, I will be back next year definitely.

And now the promised picture report. The traders and the crowed:

The attending sculptors and their work:

The Games:

Paper wargaming:

Game of Thrones:

Full Thrust:

Paunsdorf und Schönfeld , The Battle of Leipzig 1813:


Zama, Hannibal against Scipio

The League of Augsburg:

Other games:

Duell in the south:

Another overview of different games:

Freebooters fate:

Bonny Prince Charly: