Terrain page partly redone

I thought about how to collect all posts about terrain building in one space for convenience. Earlier I copied the posts, concerning terrain building, to the terrain page. That is a lot of work for me to do so I thought there must be an easier way to get everything into one place. What I did was adding links on the terrain page to the different posts. So now you can reach all the articles I did so far on terrain building in one place!!!

Have a look here: Terrain

If you like that please tell me ! I will do that for all the other posts too then.

My new workbench

Last weekend I built myself a second workbench in my hobby room in the basement. img_1689

This table will be used for Styrodur cutting and building terrain pieces as well as permanent setup are for my airbrush. As you can see in the next picture.


I will get a more professional spray booth for my birthday. The airbrush overspray will then be leaving the room through the window above the table.

These are pictures of my complete room in the basement. the table on the left is approx. 160×75 cm big and used for building and painting miniatures. The next table is the new one approx. 180×75 cm big and the gaming table is 210x 120cm big. Behind the doors of my gaming table is my terrain collection.

I will show more pictures when I have installed the new airbrush booth.

Hamburg Tactica 2017

The Hamburg Tactica takes place from the 18th-19th of February 2017. The tactics is the biggest wargaming convention in Germany and is held at the Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg Mengestrasse 20 21107 Hamburg. Doors open on the Saturday at 10:00 until 8:00 in the evening and on the Sunday at 9:00 until 4:00 in the afternoon. More info here.

Here are the giveaway miniatures of this years Tactica:


Der Blonde Hans        and                      Kara Ben Nemsi

I can’t be there myself this year ( to much work to do) but I wish you a lot of fun !!!!

The warriors of Dietrich von Schalke

After a longer hiatus, real life got in the way, here are the next finished miniatures in my Halfmen army. I started doing the first unit of Dietrich von Schalkes household units. A spear armed unit of twelve halfmen . Here is the first:


Hope you like him. More to come!

The Kiepe Convention in Münster Gievenbeck Germany

As I posted before I went to the Kiepe tabletop convention together with my son Fynn.


The convention was held in the La Vie youth club in Münster Gievenbeck a very airy well lid flight of rooms, as you can see here:

They had a bring and buy , a lot of participation games,  a x wing tournament and a bar.

Here are pictures of the x wing tournament:

There was a very well done dead man’s hand participation game:


An Age of Sigmar participation game:



two blood bowl participation games complete with fan outfits for the Reikland Reavers etc:

A Participation game of Saga , Vikings versus Normans:


And a Congo participation game were we took part. Objective of the game was to catch King Kong . This was to be prevented by the natives. It was great fun and the result was a draw.


King Kong a Schleich miniature!

All in all a very good little convention . We will be there again next year ! Maybe it would be nice to have some lokal traders at the con next year if possible. I know with such a little event it might not be worth for the traders to come but in a few years time if the convention grows ! Anyway very recommended if you want to try out an alternative rules system.