New Book

Battlefields in Miniature

Making realistic and effective terrain for Wargames

by Paul Davies


Like a good General a good warmer should have an eye for the ground. Just as nature plays an imported role in real battles it also does this on the tabletop.

When you spend a lot of time painting your miniatures you should also spend time on building good wargames terrain.

This book helps immensely to fulfill this task.

In the different Chapters everything you need to know about terrain building is explained.

The book starts with showing which different possibilities there are to create terrain like Terrain cloths, Terrain tiles, custom or sculpted terrain.

In the following chapters Davies explains how to build Rivers and Ponds Islands Cliffs and Hills, Trees, Walls, Fences and Screens, Hedges, Gates, Cultivated Fields, Roads, Bridges, Defense and  Buildings.

The book is well worth reading and helps building terrain.

It is useful for beginners and old hands alike.

Highly recommended


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A Book Review

Painting Wargaming Figures

by Javier Gomez aka El Mercenario


The book takes the reader step by step through the process of Javier Gomez painting style. From the choice of materials, preparation of the miniature up to basing the finished model.

Techniques such as dry brushing,washes, shading and highlighting are all explained clearly with how to photos. Specific case studies tackle a variety of useful subjects such as mixing realistic flesh tones for different races, painting horses, guns and limbers, shields and flags; napoleonic uniformes and camouflage patterns.

The book is devided into four main parts.

1. Basics: like  what do I need, how to paint miniatures or using patinas

2. Colours : here he explains how to paint each colour like black, white, blue, etc. For me this is the main and most important part of the book

3. Themes: like how to paint flesh, horses, shields, flags, Camo etc

4. Other scales: Here he shows how to paint other scales of miniatures . In the other parts he paints 28mm figures here he describes how to paint 40mm-6mm figures.

What ever historical period ( or Sci-fi/Fantasy setting) and whatever scale the reader is interested in, this book is an invaluable source of practical advice and inspiration.

Highly recommended !


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I think this book might be the ideal x mad present for beginners and experienced painters alike.


I am off to CRISIS 2015

Tomorrow I will head for Antwerp to meet some friends and go to Crisis 2015 in Antwerp:

Flyer 2-A5.CDR  crisis15:3

Address of the convention is:

HANGAR 29 Waagnatie
Rijnkaai 150
2000 Antwerpen

The free figure is :


Jean-Baptiste De Coster
Napoleon’s guide during the Waterloo Campaign

done by the very talented Paul Hicks!

Hope to see you there!!!

I won’t do anymore updates until next week! Expect a convention report then!!!