An M113 for my ARVN force

I got the wonderfull 3D STLs from BobMack for the Vietnam war. There are nearly all versions of the M113 included. I printed the M113 with my resin printer and enlarged it to 1/50 to fit in with my other vehicles from Empress Miniatures. the crew and Infantry figures are by Empress, sculpted by Paul Hicks.

The 1st squad of my ARVN platoon

Sometime last year I bought some of the ,then new, Empress ARVN Infantry figures. Now I finished the first squad of them. We’ll see how they perform on the gaming table later.

So here are the pictures of the first squad

And many more pictures of each fighure in the squad:

VC with rocket propelled grenade

Another RPG armed VC or NVA soldier. After a longer brake, due to work constrains, I have started painting again. I also started with a bigger gaming project of a campaign of patroling in the Nam. More on this in the future.