Still alive!

This is a short musing about what I was up to in the last days. I haven’t posted a lot in the last weeks as I have a lot to do in my daytime profession. Since Crisis at the beginning of November I haven’t done much in the hobby.

I started to paint up some units for my Warhammer 40000 Ork army but they are far from complete so no new pictures at the moment. Hope you stay tuned for the next update hopefully with some finished miniatures then!

Space Marine Heroes

I treated myself to the new Space Marine heroes range by games workshop. they were available, up to now, only in Japan . Since last weekend you can get them in Europe , too. As far as I know they are available worldwide now.

This is a complete box with twelve figures. The set is meant to be set up in a shop like this:


I bought the complete box from an online retailer here in Germany. There are 9 different figures so there will be duplicates in this box.


the individual figures are packed in their own boxes and you can’t tell which figure is inside. Lets hope every figure is in the box !

Here are the 12 figures I got and as you can see I got every figure of the nine different ones and 3 figures which were double. I am not sure if that is the case in every box or if I was just lucky. Now of to assemble and paint them as members of the Galactic Knights chapter brothers.