Falk von Schalke

Here is the next Halfmen Knight . Falk von Schalke a nephew of Dietrich von Schalke. He is bearing the back horse of Schalke as his heraldic device on a white background. These are the arms of the part of Gelsenkirchen which is called Schalke.


Next up will be his warriors!

Hugo von Ueckendorf

Here is the first Westfalia Miniatures Goat rider painted up. I present to you Hugo von Ueckendorf ¬†on his war goat “Attila”. Ueckendorf is a part of modern Gelsenkirchen but it is one of the oldest parts of the city mentioned as far back as 1200. Hugo carries the arms of modern Ueckendorf on his shield. The shield is freehand.


Next up Hugos warriors!