The complete Mesnie of Hugo von Ueckendorf


The last warrior of Hugo armed with an axe.

And the complete Mesnie of Hugo von Ueckendorf:


As you can see I added 2 of the militia figures to the Mesnie so Hugo has six warriors. This is to form a unit for Dragon Rampant out of his mesnie, so the different ” Herren ” can fight each other ,too , as is typical for Gelsenkircheners. As soon as a battle turns against them they fight it out between themselves who becomes the next leader of the pack.

Next up will be Falk von Schalke the nephew of Dietrich von Schalke. He will bear the arms of the village of Schalke.


Hugo von Ueckendorf

Here is the first Westfalia Miniatures Goat rider painted up. I present to you Hugo von Ueckendorf ¬†on his war goat “Attila”. Ueckendorf is a part of modern Gelsenkirchen but it is one of the oldest parts of the city mentioned as far back as 1200. Hugo carries the arms of modern Ueckendorf on his shield. The shield is freehand.


Next up Hugos warriors!