Happy Christmas in these rather special times!

So it is the 24th of December Christmas eve. The time we celebrate over here in Germany. I know that others celebrate on the morning of the 25th, but anyhow ….

I wish you all a very happy Christmas

and hope that you and your families and friends are well. Sure this Christmas will be different from the Christmases we had before. In fact it will be the most difficult Christmas we had for a long time. Not being able to see all of your family members or friends is difficult but, I think, very necessary to further fight against COVID. I hope that years Christmas will be a bit better for all of us again.

Take care and look after the people in need in theses special times……

Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a happy new year!


Thank you for visiting my blog so often. I hope to bring on more interesting new content throughout the new year. So stay tuned and come back as often as you like. I hope Santa has lots of new figures to paint and build for you all! See you next year !


Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year

I would like to thank you all for your support and the many comments and likes you gave to wargamesgazette. I hope I can find as much interesting content for you to read in the next year as I did this year. If you have any ideas about what I should change or ad feel free to tell me!


I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope that Santa puts something miniature related into your stocking!


Merry Christmas

I want to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy prosperous new year.


Furthermore I would like to thank you all for your support of my blog. For liking and sharing what I published. There will be a lot more to come in 2016. I am thinking about including tutorial videos about painting and modifying miniatures, terrain building and wargaming. Furthermore I would like to do some interviews with the big names in the hobby .

So if you think you should be interviewed drop me a line 🙂


The pictures of father christmas and his ,probably freezing, helper are quite old and I couldn’t take new ones as I gave the figures to good friends. So excuse the rather bad lighting!

So again Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year!!!