Erwin the blue Dragon

Here is the mascot of my Halfmen army. The blue dragon Erwin. He lives beneath the halfmen stronghold called Schalke in the deep , now derelict, coal mines. A vast dungeon which strikes fear into the strongest man. He can be summoned by Otto the wizard to fight alongside the Schalke hafmen host.

FullSizeRender 16

The model is by reaper bones and quite cheap for such a big model The painting was done with an airbrush and conventionally with the brush.                                                   Feel free to leave a comment or a like if you want.

The wizard Otto summoner of Erwin the….

Here is my halfmen army wizard. He is a summoner of the army mascot Erwin. In real life Erwin is the mascot of the Schalke football club. As I said before Gelsenkirchen and Schalke are  the theme of my halfmen army, therefore a mascot has to be. This is the real Erwin:


Of course my Erwin will look a bit more menacing at last he is a army mascot and not one of a football club.

So here is Otto the wizard:



And his apprentice, little Carl ,keeper of the magic book of spells:

As you can see I used a black background for these pictures I think it works better then the white one . What do you think?

So when the summoning spell is cast who will be turning up? Erwin of course but who is Erwin……   More in the next days!





The long range halfman scout

Now that I dropped out of the build something contest over on LAF, I can show you here what I did in Jan/Feb. I build the “long range halfman scout ” using the plans of  a flyer similar to Otto Lilienthals flying machine launched from a catapult. Here are the pictures of the build:


I got som plans of the Lilienthals Flugapparat on the web . But I used only the plans of the wings the fuselage was my own concoction.

These are the plans of the wings and my sketch of the machine. I started by building the wings first . I copied them onto very thin extruded polystyrene (2mm) induct them out the supporting wooden frame was build with toothpicks.

on the last picture you can see how thin the wing is . It is very translucent indeed. Next are the tail wings.

When these were all finished I started on the fuselage.

The pilot is a figure by Westfalia miniatures. One of their Halfmen figures. Of course he needed a paper pilots helmet and some goggles .

Then the wings and the fuselage were joined:

Here are pictures of the “one halfman “power supply for the prop

Next step was painting the machine and the pilot:

Here is the picture I used for the build something contest:

Halfman Scout Flugapparat

And Finale some pictures of the scout in action:

I hope you like what you see. In the future the next vehicle I want to scratch build in a Viking Knarr ship in 28mm. So watch this space.


Dietrich von Schalke

Here is the army general of my halfmen army . I called him Dietrich von Schalke. As I have already said the complete halfmen army is painted in the colors of my favorite soccer club FC Schalke 04 . Blue and white. Some of the units are painted in the colors of different parts of the city of Gelsenkirchen , were Schalke is located, to give a bit of variety . So here is Dietrich on his trusty war goat . At his feet lies a defeated cobolt in yellow and black ( the colors of the BvB , main rival of Schalke) .


The kobold is also from Westfalia miniatures. I got 3 of them pre production to paint them up . This one was done by pressing a original figure into a heat sensible casting plastic ( you put the plastic piece into hot water , it gets soft then so you can press the object you want to duplicate into it. When cold again it gets rigid and you can pull out the object and put green stuff into it to get another cast).


The warriors of Dietrich von Schalke

After a longer hiatus, real life got in the way, here are the next finished miniatures in my Halfmen army. I started doing the first unit of Dietrich von Schalkes household units. A spear armed unit of twelve halfmen . Here is the first:


Hope you like him. More to come!