Oathmark Elves revealed

Oathmark Elf Infantry by Northstar. These are the first pictures of the very first figures from Renedra’s factory. 26910767_1953748477987923_992012954906246697_o

A comparison with a Oathmark Ork:


A painted three up:


Pre orders will be possible from April on. watch this space for pictures of the frames.

The dark age archers by Gripping Beast

IMG_3394This is the latest addition to my collection. The dark age archers boxed set by Gripping beast . There are 30 figures in the box . 3 figures on one sprue, 10 identical sprues. Here is a picture of the sprue back:

IMG_3392and front:

IMG_3391As you can see these are complete figures except for the head . So not much for scratchbuilders but if you want a lot of archers all losing an arrow this is the box for you . The heads are quite nice all bare headed so can be used for all kind of figures you can use them for the dark age warriors box by GB and vice versa .

Hope that helps in deciding to get a box or not . One last word though the right arms are not in a correct archers stance but thats only recognisable  for people who do some archery themselfs.

Next parcel in the post will be the Scandinavian  Infantry plastic boxed set by Fireforge .

Avenger next step

The next step was to mask of all areas on the model which have to stay grey, as the next painting step is to airbrush all parts which get another color, like the wings , fuselage and wingtips.

The wings will be dark blue as that is the main color of my sons adeptus mechanicus army as will the fuselage. The wing tips will be red as a squadron designation ( like in Star Wars red I or redII etc).

This afternoon I will unmask the complete model again and begin to paint the engines and all the other detail like Guns and rockets. After that filtering and weathering will commence .



Sandor Clegane

I wanted to have a Sandor Clegane figure for my ongoing Game of Thrones project in 28mm.

As Inspiration I used this picture taken from one of the GoT films:


I used Parts from the Perry war of the roses plastic sets and an old Warhammer Knights plastic Helmet from which I cut the plum of. I scared the face on the right side to resemble the burn marks Sandor has.

I came up with this:

Sandorfoot3 Sandorfoot2 Sandorfoot1

I did a riding version too:


With a little paint and the addition of a flag the figures look like this:

Sandorfootwip3 Sandorfootwip2 Sandorfootwip1sandor finish foot 3 sandor finish 2 foot sandor finish 1 foot

A close up of the scar:

Sandor closeupwip

And the riding version:

sandorfinish2horsesandor finish1horsesandor finish3horse

The heraldry is pure freehand I hope you like my Sandor Clegane figure . If so feel free to leave a coment or a like!