Sandor Clegane

I wanted to have a Sandor Clegane figure for my ongoing Game of Thrones project in 28mm.

As Inspiration I used this picture taken from one of the GoT films:


I used Parts from the Perry war of the roses plastic sets and an old Warhammer Knights plastic Helmet from which I cut the plum of. I scared the face on the right side to resemble the burn marks Sandor has.

I came up with this:

Sandorfoot3 Sandorfoot2 Sandorfoot1

I did a riding version too:


With a little paint and the addition of a flag the figures look like this:

Sandorfootwip3 Sandorfootwip2 Sandorfootwip1sandor finish foot 3 sandor finish 2 foot sandor finish 1 foot

A close up of the scar:

Sandor closeupwip

And the riding version:

sandorfinish2horsesandor finish1horsesandor finish3horse

The heraldry is pure freehand I hope you like my Sandor Clegane figure . If so feel free to leave a coment or a like!