First shots of plastic Chasseurs a Cheval by the Perry twins

perrylight chasseurs

These are the first shots of the plastic Chasseurs a Cheval.
Fresh from Renedra the Perrys have the first shots of the main Chasseur (trooper) frame. Renedra just need to tweak a few small bits but this frame is done, the command frame is well on its way. So everything will be ready for Salute.
Alan Perry has put a few of these together to show the poses and uniform variations you will be able to achieve which you can see above.
The figures in this box will represent Line Chasseurs a Cheval from 1808-15. Four uniform variants are covered; campaign and full dress for 1808-12 and campaign and full dress for 1812-15. During this period the coat changed from the single breasted Kinski coat to the lapelled Spencer coat around 1812 although the latter probably took a while to replace the former. Both types are presented in this set, along with elite company uniforms. The figures in the Kinski coat can also be used as Hussars in campaign dress. As you can see there are multiple arm poses and many head gear variants.
There will be a free metal figure of Colonel Marbot of the 23rd Chasseurs a Cheval (which of cause could be painted as any Chasseur colonel) if you buy three or more sets direct from the Perrys online and at Salute.

I think a very useful addition to the growing plastic Perry napoleonic range!

New Header pictures

I added a few more header pictures to my Blog. These are pictures of models and figures I painted over the last years:


A French napoleonic line infantry battalion. Figures by Victrix.


A French napoleonic Cuirassier Squadron . Figures by Perry.


Star trek spaceships. A heavy cruiser an old light destroyer a dreadnought a battle frigate and a destroyer ( from left to right). Models by Mongoose now Amarillo Design .


Two german halftracks. Models by Warlord. the left one is the new plastic one the right one is the older resin version.


A US Infantry squad of WWII Battle of the Bulge. Figures by Warlord ( old metal ones sculpted by Paul Hicks).

All the above Models and figures are 28mm scale except the Star Trek ones. I will add more pictures of my WWII, napoleonic and other collections over the next time.

A napoleonic Westfalian Landwehr Unit

Because of the european football championchip painting time is a bit low at the moment . Therefore here are a few older pictures of a Westfalia napoleonic Landwehr unit. The figures are from Warlord.


The banner is freehand and is from the 1. Bat. 3. Rgt.

As soon as the Football championship is finished there will be new GoT figures!

First shots of Perry British Light Dragoons

perry light dragoons

The Perrys just had the first test shots of the Plastic Napoleonic British Light Dragoons so they thought to put some together and show you. There are larger pictures on there website (as well as a frame shot) on the plastic lists, where they’re up for pre-order. This is the troopers frame, you’ll get four of these frames in the box as well as four horse frames (the same as the British Hussars) and a command frame.
The box covers the Peninsula war as well as the Waterloo campaign uniforms 1808-15. However with a simple paint job (or modelling job) you can add a queue and take the date back to 1800.