Auxiliary Gunboat VP1037

I did some more work on the MS Louisa as a Auxiliary Gunboat. Named VP 1037.

Here are some pictures of the build and primed model:


The weapons are as usual from Warlord and Heroic&Ros.

More to come when painting is finished. If interested in a copy ,I Will list the ship here when ready.

Next up will be a Typ VIIc U Boat….

Avenger next step

The next step was to mask of all areas on the model which have to stay grey, as the next painting step is to airbrush all parts which get another color, like the wings , fuselage and wingtips.

The wings will be dark blue as that is the main color of my sons adeptus mechanicus army as will the fuselage. The wing tips will be red as a squadron designation ( like in Star Wars red I or redII etc).

This afternoon I will unmask the complete model again and begin to paint the engines and all the other detail like Guns and rockets. After that filtering and weathering will commence .