Obituary for Andy Zeck


With great sadness I have to inform you that Andy Zeck aka “Suetonius Paullinus” passed   away on 19th April 2020. I am not sure if I am the right one to write an Obituary for him but I will do so anyway. We met quite regularly in London at the Salute conventions in the last 10 years and I loved to take to him about our shared hobby, family and other interests. He was one of the fellow members of the old “Steve Dean forum” and on “Lead Adventure forum”. I admire his painting style which is really stunning. What can I say more….

Best is to let his figures speak to us once more. Here are pictures I saved for later inspiration from different sources. i hope it is alright to show them here.

My thoughts are with his family and his close friends!

I will dearly miss him. May he find freedom and happiness were he is now.

13 thoughts on “Obituary for Andy Zeck

  1. Andy was indeed a really nice guy who was always friendly and willing to help a fellow painter/gamer/modeler. I knew Andy from the SD Forum and we too use to meet up at Salute, where we would often talk about various new products and projects we had on the go. In short, Andy was always a pleasure to talk to, and given he was a dentist by trade and I hate going to the dentist, that was saying something. One of the things I really admired about Andy was his ability to paint things up so quickly and so well. He would receive new figures (Andy was addicted like most of us!) and he wouldn’t waste anytime turning out a wonderfully painted figure. My deepest condolences to his family, as I know his girls will greatly miss their dad. RIP Andy aka Suetonius Paullinus. You will be missed.

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  2. I never had the chance to meet him in person, but he was one of the few people from the old forum that I immediately connected and we regularly spoke through e-mails and messages.I was also one of the first peole who welcomed him when he made the first steps in FB. I miss him already

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  3. Sorry you had to leave us so soon dude you had so much more to give. The world is a little worse today for your leaving it.

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  4. Bly me Tom, I didn’t recognise the name until I saw his SD tag. He was a really nice fella, only met him at Salute each year but he was a great painter and a kind man. We shall toast him when we meet up next mate xxx

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  5. Thanks for writing this. I didn’t know him well, in fact we had only started messaging in the last several weeks as i worked on the Germans for Wargames Atlantic. Seemed like a good guy. Bad news to get.


  6. Very sad news. Never met the gentleman but he was always helpful and quick in responding to queries and was a fantastic and inspirational painter. Would like to offer my condolences to his family and friends.

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  7. I never met Andy personally but his presence on the various wargames fora will certainly be missed. Andy had a very unique gravelly style to his work, a very realistic look to the miniatures that was all his own.

    I first discovered his work on the Steve Dean Forum and later The Lead Adventure Forum many a moon ago and was hooked. Whenever I saw a new post by “Suetonius Paullinus” I had to click, look and learn.

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