The APC of the 1st Gruppe 1st Germania imperial guard regiment

Here is the APC “Ziege” of the first Gruppe. It will be run as a Chimera in Warhammer 40K games. The vehicle is scratch build from extruded polystyrene .


And with vehicle commander :


And the complete Gruppe with APC:


For your convenience here are some pictures repeated from older posts showing the different stages of the build:

The Feldwebel of the 211

Here is the Feldwebel of the 2nd Gruppe 1st Germania imperial guard regiment.


The icon on the right breastplate of the armor is the patch denoting Feldwebel rank. It can be white or as in this case black. ( self made decal)

Next up will be the pictures of the APC “Ziege” for the first Gruppe which is nearly complete now. More on the Ziege here, here¬†and here

The start of the second Gruppe of the 1st Germania imperial guard regiment

Here is the first soldier of the 2nd Gruppe , 1st Zug, 1st Kompanie of the 1st Germania imperial guard regiment. Or short the “two/eleven”.


Again like in the 1st Gruppe the head is from an Eisenkern trooper, the rest is from Games Workshop.

The imperial Commissar of the 1st Germania regiment

Here is the commissar of the 1st Germania imperial guard regiment. The commissar is called Irina Decker. She was born on Adrastapol and belongs to the house Draconis, a knightly house at the moment ruling the planet.



Kompaniemeister of the second Kompanie of the Galactic Knights space marine chapter

I finished the Kompaniemeister or short Meister of the second Gefechtskompanie of the Galactic knights space marine chapter of the Ordo teutonics (you can read more about my selfmade chapter here). The Kompaniemeister is the equivalent of a captain in other chapters. So here is Bruder Thomas 2nd Kompaniemeister of the Ordo Teutonicus Galactic Knights.


Bruder Thomas was the first Primaris Marine to join the Galactic knights. He is wearing Gravis armor.


I used a special head for this miniature. It is sculpted by my very good friend Paul Hicks and resembles myself . Here you see the assembly before paint was applied:


Here you see the Meister on two different combat locations: