Rice Paddies

I hope you are all safe and sound in this world wide pandemic! here in Germany the normal life doesn’t exist anymore and that is good to battle the virus. As we are more or less all at home and boredom will set in sooner or later , I will try to post something every other day to keep you a bit more occupied and to divert your thoughts away from Corona.

So for a start here is a rather big update. I finished my rice paddies for my Vietnam games.

I got the STL files from 3D Alienworlds.

Here are pictures of the printed paddies.

As you can see the paddy itself comes blank. So you can just paint it as an empty field or you can ad strips of rice plants to have a field with rice planted. The file is done to be able to ad artificial water effect to it.

As I didn’t want to use a water effect I changed the STL into this one:


So now it looks like the plants are partly submerged. I will use paint and gloss varnish to create a water effect like i did with all my water features for my gaming table.

So here are pictures of the finished rice paddies:


Without plants.


With plants.

Some more pictures of my table layout with the rice paddies:

Next up lots of new NVA Soldiers!

Salute 2020 not taking place due to Corona Virus

I just found out that Salute 2020 is postponed/canceled due to the safety regulations , concerning the Corona virus pandemic.

This is a wise step to take, if you ask me, as it is much too dangerous to meet up with so many people at the moment. We have to take special care for the chronic ill and the older  people. So for me it is ok to move on with Salute to a safer date!

Alas it is sad to wait another year to meet up with all my friends in Great Britain and the rest of the world!

So take extra special care !

I wish you and your families that you stay healthy and get through this crisis without personal loss!

More Elefant grass

We had a game on my Vietnam war table at the weekend. I haven’t managed to sort the pictures I took so instead here are a few pictures of additional terrain pieces for the table. pictures of the game will follow during the week.

I build some strips of elephant grass to add to the elefantgrass I already have. I made them in the same way as the rest.

The pieces:


And with miniatures ( Empress marines) for size comparison:

In situ on the table: