The first casts of my “Ziege” with APC Module.

Here are the first casts of the Ziege armored vehicle with APC module. This vehicle will be used as a Chimera in Warhammer 40k games.

Here is the undercarriage:

The driver and commander compartment:

The turret:

And the APC module. This can be exchanged against a command module, a medic module, a fire support module, an artillery module and a anti aircraft module. These modules will be build later .

This is how it looks dry fitted . The parts aren’t sanded or anything! The hatch in the back of the vehicle is missing!

More to come




The ATV “Ziege” (Chimera) of the 1st Germania Imperial Guard Regiment

To compliment my home-brew Space marine chapter ” Galactic Knights”, ( you can read more here) I want to do an imperial guard unit of the Germania system too.

The system consists of three habitable planets and one Death world. The planets are called Ruhr, Germania Prima, Germania Secunda and New Berlin. Ruhr is a forge world, Germania Prima is a death world, Germania Secunda is a agri world and New Berlin is a hive world. Further out from the systems sun are two Gas giants near the Mandeville point. The System was once colonised by the Galactic Knights chapter after destroying an Ork force on Germania Prima. The dialect spoken in the system is German. Of course High Gothic is the language of the Administratum of the System according to Imperial law. The Regiment was raised on Germania Secunda a long time ago.

The vehicles and the equipment of the Soldiers is manufactured locally on the forge world Ruhr. Therefore it differs from the equipment of other worlds imperial guard units quite a lot . The infantry uses different helmets and body armor. The vehicles are build to the so called “Ruhr pattern”. The Ziege ( german for Chimera) is the Ruhr pattern Chimera vehicle.

I used a real world vehicle of the German Bundeswehr as template for the “Ziege”. The vehicle is called Boxer.


The armored transport vehicle, short GTK Boxer  is a wheeled armored vehicle. The special feature of the GTK Boxer is the construction of an eight-wheel drive module on which an exchangeable mission module is mounted.


The boxer can thus be equipped for different tasks such as transport, medical or armored personnel carriers. The driving module includes the all-wheel drive 8 × 8 chassis and the front housing with engine and driver compartment. The driver sits on the right and has a roof hatch and three angle mirrors, the middle can be replaced by a night vision device. From version A2 the driver is supported by a camera system. To the left of the driver is the engine room, which has a fire extinguishing system. A central tire pressure control system is standard. The driver’s compartment has a passage to the mission module, which closes gas-tight with this. This mission module can be exchanged for another within an hour and weighs up to eight tons. The different modules have an ABC protection ventilation.

I will build the model with extruded polystyrene and resin parts. I will make a mold for casting the vehicle in Resin later. There will be different mission modules so I can do a stand in for a Basilisk, Hellhound, etc from the same vehicle. I will magnetise the vehicle to make an exchange of modules possible. The main difference will be that it is 6 wheeled instead of the eight wheels of the real world Boxer.

So enough words here is the build of the prototype :

The basic shape. All parts are from extruded polystyrene .


Testing the wheel arrangement:

Adding details like hatches, engine room air-condition etc.:

The finished prototype with rivets etc.

The first module is the armored personal carrier one:

I the started doing the molds for the different parts:

The undercarriage prior to casting the silicone mold and the first resin cast in the finished mould.


The first cast of the undercarriage.

More to come have to do the other moulds next the test fitting it all. So watch this space for updates!


EU Expected To Pass Censorship Machines, Link Tax On June 20

The European Union and the U.S. Congress are working on reforms to their respective copyright laws, some of which have been deemed too extreme by critics. The EU, for instance, would like force websites to enable “upload filters” and to pay for linking to other websites, while the U.S. Congress would like to extend copyright to 144 years from the already quite long 70 years + life.

EU Copyright Law Changes
As soon as June 20, next week, the European Parliament will vote a draft legislation proposed by the European Commission (EU’s executive body). Critics have attacked the proposal as being quite extreme because it could impact many digital industries too severely.

Censorship Machines (Article 13)
One of the biggest issues with the new EU copyright reform proposal is the Article 13, which mandates that websites that accept user content (anything from videos to online comments) must have an “upload filter” that would block all copyrighted content that’s uploaded by users. Critics, such as Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Julia Reda, have also called upload filters “censorship machines.”

Link Tax (Article 11)
The “link tax” proposal in Article 11 of the copyright reform directive is another idea that’s not just seemingly bad, but it has also failed in countries such as Spain and Germany, where it has already been attempted. Instead of getting companies such as Google or other publishers to pay for the links, or article excerpts and previews, those companies simply stopped linking to content coming from Germany and Spain.

More here

I think that this would be a very bad move and is going to change the internet radically ! Fo wargamesgazette it would mean that I would have to switch off the comments completely wich I think is a bad move against freedom of speech ! As my blog won’t be the only one having to cope with this! Do we still live in a free democracy in the EU? With a censorship law like this I don’t think so! what do you think?