Vietnamese AA gun

An AA gun of the NVA with a female gun crew . The gun model is very easy to assemble and the crew figures fit very nicely. It is a nice touch to have a female gun crew. I hope that when eventually the Viet Cong figures are done by Empress that they include many more female fighters.

NVA with a RPG-2



The RPG-2 (Russian: РПГ-2, Ручной противотанковый гранатомёт, Ruchnoy Protivotankovy Granatomyot; English: “hand-held antitank grenade launcher”) is a man-portable, shoulder-fired anti-tank weapon that was designed in the Soviet Union and used by the NVA and Viet Cong quite often.

A very well detailed figure sculpted by Paul Hicks and avalable through Empress Miniatures.

There is again a secondary weapon sculpted on the figure wich makes it very useful for small one on one skirmish games.