A little support for the VC

An angry “mama san” and her brother who lost his leg to a booby trap. They seem to be quite inocent.

But ever so often you find out, the hard way, that inocence is not very often to be found

They got a little present from up north , in the form of an old german MG.

Just a harmless woman tending the field

This is another one of the VC in disguise by Empress Miniatures. A very nice sculpt, especially the face.

But if she gets disturbed, she runs to the hidden weapons and gets the gun out:

And both figures next to each other:

The proud owner of a rice paddy

This Vietnamese village elder looks proudly over the rice paddies of his village, or is he looking for the imperialist enemy?

OOPs, he had a rifle hidden in the elephant grass behind him… better look more closely next time!

just a guy from the ville, or a VC?

A few weeks back Empress Miniatures released their Vietnam civilian range and a corresponding VC range. So you never know in your games if it is just someone from the next village or a VC… This makes it much easier to stage a guerrilla war on the tabletop. So here is the first set:

Just a porter…
or a VC…

This concept is really nice I think and you can enhance it by painting the figures alike.

Many more to come

The black pyjama

I know that the Vietnamese figures from Empress depict NVA and not VC. But i thought after weeks on the Ho Chi Min trail the original uniform might have been unserviceable and the soldiers would wear what ever they could find. So I painted the clothes in the black color of the VC fighters. After all they might have provided their brother NVA after there long trek south. So here he is a NVA soldier in the traditional VC black. Painted mainly in GW contrast colors.