Crisis 2016 convention report

Now that I am back from a very nice weekend in Antwerp I would like to show you some pictures of Crisis 2016. I took about 330 pictures therefore it took me a wile to sort them all out therefore the report is only up now. Feel free to leave comments .

So here are the pictures. To start with a few pictures of the venue:

And here the layout of the convention center:


And now the games that could be seen at Crisis:

First is an absolutely stunning game showing Romans against Barbarians . What I think is really outstanding is the boats on the river!





Next up is The battle of Saticula 343 BC . This was the second of three Battlestaking place in the first year of the first Samnite War (343-341 BC). This game was presented by  the war games club Militia Brabantia.



This sharp practice game used a rather splendid ship model in 28mm scale:



The great northern war:

To Saga games :

Two games of Congo:



A very nice game of Dragon Rampant in 15mm by the Team for historical simulations:


A pegasus bridge game in 28mm:


Next is a Iwo Jima game by the Murphy’s heroes:


An absolutely stunning pice of terrain for Puppeteers:


The Alde Garde brought a Early 16th Century Game with them:

Spectre Operations:


An absolutely gorgeous Warhammer 40000 game by Kraken Wargames. Imperial Fists against Genestealers


Two Flames of War games:



The Street Arnhem 1944


A Frostgrave game:



A very unusual game of racing bikes:


That were the Games I captured with my camera. I know there was a lot more to be seen but I couldn’t just manage to take pictures of everything.

At last a few pictures of terrain pieces by moreterrain :

So this is it for Crisis 2016. It was a very good show again and it was even bigger then last year! Go on like this Tin soldiers of Antwerp ! I will be back next year!

9 thoughts on “Crisis 2016 convention report

  1. INSIDE indeed was a good show. Outside however, the chaos in Antwerp – a distance of about twenty minutes took me an hour and a half – and the problems with parking (without ANY noticable help from the organization to assist visitors to try to solve that, but instead rising the entrance fee from 11 euro to 12 euro plus parking (4 euro) = almost 50% – and a “goodies bag” (?) that was at least for me empty – what “good” is that ?) was quite another story. I have visited many times but if things are not improved very much next year they will not see ME anymore !


    • Indeed the parking is not very good indeed and the roadworks didn’t improve the situation much either. Lets hope at least the roadworks will be finished by next year


  2. Luc,
    I don’t think your comments are completely fair. Yes, there are major roadworks going on in Antwerp,some of them in fact quite unannounced by the City Council. I believe we did everything humanly possible to announce this as soon as we found out, which in at least one case was exactly 14 days before the show.
    The good news is they will all be completed by November 2017.

    Detour guide on our website and no less than 6 other local detour maps on our Facebook page + at least 30 signposts all over the city.
    But in another comment you made about Crisis you mentioned leaving your hotel In Brasschaat at 10h15 and arriving somewhere around noon, despite you knowing that there would be some hindrance because of the roadworks. This sounds to me like a self- inflicted wound if you don’t mind me saying so.
    The Crisis figure is limited to the first 1500 visitors but of course if you arrive nearly 2 hours after the show commenced, there is a distinct possibility those figures ( and the free Warlord Games sprues and the Litko markers by Figures in Comfort ) are gone by then. I think having a cut-off number of free figures is quite common at any show? Some of the people had been queuing since 09h15.

    We have absolutely nothing to do with the parking fees ( again City of Antwerp, – not us) so it’s absolutely unfair to mention that as a price increase. But even so, is 4 Euro for an all day parking really all that expensive?



    • Can understand you Willie, of course you can’t change parking fees or the traffic situation
      I will of course come back next year. By the way we made it from the Theatre hotel to the venue in less then 15 minutes !


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