On my way to Hamburg for the Tactica

Tomorrow morning I will leave for Hamburg in the early morning hours. It is a three hours drive from were I live . So it will be a very long and very exciting day!

Here are a few pictures of the games that will take place at Tactica this year. I took them shamelessly from the Tactica homepage I think that is OK as I promote the show 😉


This is a picture of the miniature you can only get at Tactica 2016


Hamma, Lombard Leader

With this year’s special Hamburg Tactica miniature they travel far back in time. As befits the ROME theme room, they have chosen a Lombard lord of the time around the birth of Christ.

For more info on the show go to the Tactica homepage.

I will write a report about this convention when I am back home. Of course with as many pictures as I can squeeze in!

5 thoughts on “On my way to Hamburg for the Tactica

    • I will do a convention report next week . I know that is not the same as being there yourself but at least you can see what it was like and what kind of games and displays there were.
      Hope that helps a bit


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