Glover versus Lannister the first battle on the refurbished terrain!

The other day we had a small Dragon Rampant battle between the House Glover and House Lannister over a bridge crossing one of the tributaries of the Trident. Here is the deployment:


The Glovers racing for the bridge

Lannister heavy knights, lead by “The Hound” Sandor Clegane, contesting the crossing.

The House Glover mesnie.

Jaime Lannister overlooking the River.

The Lannister battle.

Sorry no more pictures, as we got carried away while gaming! It was a Lannister victory.

The complete Lannister army

So the Lannister army is finished for the time being .

Here you can see pictures of the completed army: I desaturated the pictures a bit as I think they look better this way . What do you think which color saturation is better ? Just compare with older pictures on the blog, please!

FullSizeRender 4

And Jaime Lannister with his Banner bearer:

FullSizeRender 12

And a special from above view ( the one you see when actually gaming):

FullSizeRender 18

Hope you like what you see !

The complete Lannister archer unit for Dragon Rampant

Here is the complete Lannister archer unit for Dragon Rampant. It is a 12 figure unit for the game by Osprey publishing.

FullSizeRender 5

FullSizeRender 10

I hope you like what you see ! If so please leave a comment or a like!

Next will be pictures of the now complete Lannister army and then there will be the start for a completely new GoT faction!

The next Lannister archer

So after returning from Salute and drolling over the goodies I bought there I managed to paint another Lannister bowman last night:


Only one more archer and the officer to do then the unit is finished! Hopefully done until the 25th of April ( the start date for GoT season 6 in Germany!)