Finished of the wire wool trees

You remember the wire or steel wool trees I started a few weeks back? I came to this end:

Now I found the time to base them properly on mdf bases and added rocks and scatter . They look like this now:

IMG_8795 2

Here are a few closeup pictures of the rocks and scatter:

They are done with cork bark and gravel and grid . Hope you like what you see!

Next up my improved TSS river tiles.

2 thoughts on “Finished of the wire wool trees

  1. Does anyone make plastic wool to use? Just wondering the shelf life of steel wool.

    Did you use stainless steel? Great idea and method. Thanks for sharing!


    • I used stainless steel one . It is a lot more expensive but it does’t rust when exposed to the water-soluble paints and glues. Never heard of plastic wool . Were can you get that?


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