A little support for the VC

An angry “mama san” and her brother who lost his leg to a booby trap. They seem to be quite inocent.

But ever so often you find out, the hard way, that inocence is not very often to be found

They got a little present from up north , in the form of an old german MG.

Just a harmless woman tending the field

This is another one of the VC in disguise by Empress Miniatures. A very nice sculpt, especially the face.

But if she gets disturbed, she runs to the hidden weapons and gets the gun out:

And both figures next to each other:

The proud owner of a rice paddy

This Vietnamese village elder looks proudly over the rice paddies of his village, or is he looking for the imperialist enemy?

OOPs, he had a rifle hidden in the elephant grass behind him… better look more closely next time!

Mamasan got some rice on the market

Another civilian miniature. This time a female one. She is carrying an upturned wicker hat draped with a piece of cloth. This was very typical for carrying goods. So after leaving the goods purchased on the market she goes to the weapons cache to do some hunting…..

Another guerrilla fighter to wreak havoc….

The new Vietnamese civilians by Empress Miniatures

Last week I got the new Vietnamese civilians from Empress sculpted by Paul Hicks. Very nice figures indeed . I ordered each figure twice as I wanted to change one each by swiping heads or adding some green stuff to get an even wider variety of miniatures. So above is a female civilian, the left figure is the original the middle and right pictures show what I did.

Left original right the changed figure

I will paint them up over the next coming weeks . Paul Hicks sculpted the same miniatures with weapons! So you can swop miniatures in your games and turn an innocent villager into a VC!

Pictures by Empress Miniatures