Obituary for Andy Zeck


With great sadness I have to inform you that Andy Zeck aka “Suetonius Paullinus” passed   away on 19th April 2020. I am not sure if I am the right one to write an Obituary for him but I will do so anyway. We met quite regularly in London at the Salute conventions in the last 10 years and I loved to take to him about our shared hobby, family and other interests. He was one of the fellow members of the old “Steve Dean forum” and on “Lead Adventure forum”. I admire his painting style which is really stunning. What can I say more….

Best is to let his figures speak to us once more. Here are pictures I saved for later inspiration from different sources. i hope it is alright to show them here.

My thoughts are with his family and his close friends!

I will dearly miss him. May he find freedom and happiness were he is now.

Lead Adventure Forum figure

“Hi Everyone.
When the Prof passed LAF to me, one of my first thoughts was to do a special miniature that would only be available to members.

I work with Mark Copplestone, one of this forums favourite designers, so I spoke to him about it and he was keen to do it. We thought something with a Pulp theme would suit LAF, and so we are proud to present the International Adventurer!


Nick Eyre of Northstar Miniatures”

As a member of the LAF forum I got myself the miniature too. In truth I got more then one 😉 I converted one of the figures to be useable in a Scifi setting ( e.g. Warhammer40000) the other was left as it was .  Have a look for the greenstuff and bits conversion here.

The pictures of the unconverted painted figure:

The figure for Warhammer 40000:

The two next to each other:


The SCIFI figure will be used as a leader of a renegade unit in the Warhammer 40000 universe.


Lead Adventure special figure

Here are pictures of the Lead Adventure Forum special figure sculpted by  Mark Copplestone. The figure is only available for members of the forum. You can see the original figure and a conversion by me for use with Warhammer 40000.



Will come back with pictures of the painted figure later.

Basecoat is on

The build is finished and the basecoat is on:


As you can see, after base coating the contraption , you can’t tell that it is made from polystyrene. The only telltale is the wight when you lift it. So from now on no more pictures as long as I am not dropped out of the build something contest. I will take pictures of the painting process but will post them after the contest ended.

Building of the stage complete

I finished building the stage yesterday. Here are pictures of the changes and additions I did:


I added a sign on top of the speakers. This will display the name of the band in ork glyphs   then I added cabling for the speakers , the guitars and the microphone of the singer.


Here you see the cabling on the singer figure.

Then I added bolts, rivets and nuts to the stage:


And thats what the stage with band looks like at the moment:


I will post pictures of the base coated model in a few days. Then there will be a hiatus as we are not supposed to show pictures of the painted models before the contest is finished.

The orkification starts

Now, after finishing the Leman Russ, the building of the ork parts of the rolling stage starts. Here are pictures of the beginning of the stage:


The mast will carry the sound system eventually, or at least part of it. as you can see there are 4 spaces for the members of the Band left free. Here are pictures of a test fit of the original miniatures the singer ( Eardrumsplitta) , guitarist and the Bass man. The drummer has to be done from scratch.

Here is a picture of the beginning of the drummer:


And the beginning of the sound system:


Complete with equalizer. Next will be the fitting of the sound system and the proper build of the drummer

Started to put rivets and other detail on

I started to put rivets and other small detail onto the Leman Russ:


The rivets were made with a rivet mould from greenstuffworld .

Next will be more detailing of the tracks and the sides of the tank so many more rivets to add.


Further progress with the ‘build something’ contest 2018


I did some more work on the Leman Russ tank. The tank will be without turret as it will be used as a rolling stage for a Ork Rock band. So instead of the turret there will be a stage complete with speakers etc. I added some more detail to the tank . Next step will be adding the tracks and the track guards.

Any comments welcome.