Lead Adventure Forum figure

“Hi Everyone.
When the Prof passed LAF to me, one of my first thoughts was to do a special miniature that would only be available to members.

I work with Mark Copplestone, one of this forums favourite designers, so I spoke to him about it and he was keen to do it. We thought something with a Pulp theme would suit LAF, and so we are proud to present the International Adventurer!


Nick Eyre of Northstar Miniatures”

As a member of the LAF forum I got myself the miniature too. In truth I got more then one 😉 I converted one of the figures to be useable in a Scifi setting ( e.g. Warhammer40000) the other was left as it was .  Have a look for the greenstuff and bits conversion here.

The pictures of the unconverted painted figure:

The figure for Warhammer 40000:

The two next to each other:


The SCIFI figure will be used as a leader of a renegade unit in the Warhammer 40000 universe.


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