Lead Adventure Forum figure

“Hi Everyone.
When the Prof passed LAF to me, one of my first thoughts was to do a special miniature that would only be available to members.

I work with Mark Copplestone, one of this forums favourite designers, so I spoke to him about it and he was keen to do it. We thought something with a Pulp theme would suit LAF, and so we are proud to present the International Adventurer!


Nick Eyre of Northstar Miniatures”

As a member of the LAF forum I got myself the miniature too. In truth I got more then one ­čśë I converted one of the figures to be useable in a Scifi setting ( e.g. Warhammer40000) the other was left as it was . ┬áHave a look for the greenstuff and bits conversion here.

The pictures of the unconverted painted figure:

The figure for Warhammer 40000:

The two next to each other:


The SCIFI figure will be used as a leader of a renegade unit in the Warhammer 40000 universe.


Lead Adventure special figure

Here are pictures of the Lead Adventure Forum special figure sculpted by  Mark Copplestone. The figure is only available for members of the forum. You can see the original figure and a conversion by me for use with Warhammer 40000.



Will come back with pictures of the painted figure later.