The orkification starts

Now, after finishing the Leman Russ, the building of the ork parts of the rolling stage starts. Here are pictures of the beginning of the stage:


The mast will carry the sound system eventually, or at least part of it. as you can see there are 4 spaces for the members of the Band left free. Here are pictures of a test fit of the original miniatures the singer ( Eardrumsplitta) , guitarist and the Bass man. The drummer has to be done from scratch.

Here is a picture of the beginning of the drummer:


And the beginning of the sound system:


Complete with equalizer. Next will be the fitting of the sound system and the proper build of the drummer

One thought on “The orkification starts

  1. This is as metal as it gets!

    Now my rock-goff-ork army needs a mobile soundsystem or it’s going to be a missed opportunity for a conversion! I was planning on turning one of the KMK Guns into some sort of music band.

    Have you seen the rocking grots from Hungry Troll? I’m SO going to use those!

    Good job! Getting some ideas from there, waiting to look how it turns out in the end.

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