Rifle Group 4

Here is the next rifle group finished. This brings me up to 4 rifle groups a gun group and a medic. Next will be a platoon HQ

Here is the missing digger from the 4th rifle group:

First ANZAC digger rifle section finished

Yesterday evening I finished the last missing digger for my first rifle section. Above and below you see pictures of the completed section.

I now have 3 rifle groups a MG group and a medic finished. Below is the last missing soldier. It is the same sculpt I painted the day before , so there are two identical figures in the last group. I probably switch that around .

And the finished 3rd rifle group:

A digger MG group

Here is the MG group of my growing ANZAC force.

on the left assistant gunner on the right machine gunner armed with a M60

A very nice group of figures with lots of character.

The gunner on his own:

And his assistant: