Discussion about value of painted miniatures

Over on the Lead adventure forum you can find a rather interesting discussion about the value of painted miniatures. Recommended to read . To be found here

“Been thinking, (which is normally a bad idea), about the value paint adds to our minis and come up with a few questions? Namely;

Does it, add value?
To what standard does a mini need to be painted for the value to increase?
What is pro painted? Which is a daft question but there must be some way to gauge it? Are there other criteria for example one does see tabletop standard.
Should some minis that are collectable and or rare simply not be painted?
Do you buy painted minis or have you bought painted minis? Why/why not. I have not but then they tend to cost more unless badly painted and I love nothing more than restoring some old neglected mini.
To what extent can one make a living from painting minis.

etc… hope to generate some interesting discussion.” Golgotha on Lead Adventure Forum.