Second Part of the Crisis 2017 pictures

Here is the second part of the pictures of the Crisis 2017 convention in Antwerp:



These are the pictures I took at Crisis . It was a very nice show with a lot of traders and really many games . I enjoyed it immensely ! Role on Crisis 2018 .

There is only one other thing to add . Many thanks to the Tinsoldiers of Antwerp for doing the show, you did a great job!


Oh and for everybody who wants to come to Crisis 2018 , the show is on the 3. Nov 2018 from 10:00 to 17:00! See you there I will definitely come back!

Crisis 2017

Another Crisis in Antwerp has passed by. It was a great event with lots to see and buy. Here is a rather big picture report of the convention. I will ad more pictures over the day , so make sure to come back later for the rest of the pictures:







Crisis 2016 convention report

Now that I am back from a very nice weekend in Antwerp I would like to show you some pictures of Crisis 2016. I took about 330 pictures therefore it took me a wile to sort them all out therefore the report is only up now. Feel free to leave comments .

So here are the pictures. To start with a few pictures of the venue:

And here the layout of the convention center:


And now the games that could be seen at Crisis:

First is an absolutely stunning game showing Romans against Barbarians . What I think is really outstanding is the boats on the river!





Next up is The battle of Saticula 343 BC . This was the second of three Battlestaking place in the first year of the first Samnite War (343-341 BC). This game was presented by  the war games club Militia Brabantia.



This sharp practice game used a rather splendid ship model in 28mm scale:



The great northern war:

To Saga games :

Two games of Congo:



A very nice game of Dragon Rampant in 15mm by the Team for historical simulations:


A pegasus bridge game in 28mm:


Next is a Iwo Jima game by the Murphy’s heroes:


An absolutely stunning pice of terrain for Puppeteers:


The Alde Garde brought a Early 16th Century Game with them:

Spectre Operations:


An absolutely gorgeous Warhammer 40000 game by Kraken Wargames. Imperial Fists against Genestealers


Two Flames of War games:



The Street Arnhem 1944


A Frostgrave game:



A very unusual game of racing bikes:


That were the Games I captured with my camera. I know there was a lot more to be seen but I couldn’t just manage to take pictures of everything.

At last a few pictures of terrain pieces by moreterrain :

So this is it for Crisis 2016. It was a very good show again and it was even bigger then last year! Go on like this Tin soldiers of Antwerp ! I will be back next year!

Crisis Antwerp is getting nearer by the hour now!

Just to remember you that coming Saturday is:

10 A.M. – 5 P.M.
HANGAR 29 Waagnatie
Rijnkaai 150
2000 Antwerpen

The traders who will attend can be found here. Complete with links to the traders pages to make shopping easier for you. The attending Clubs and their games can be found here.

I hope to meet a lot of you in Antwerp! Expect a convention report next Monday or Tuesday.



Crisis 2016


It is only 51 days until Crisis 2016!!!!!! It will be held on November the 5th 2016 from 10 am to 5 pm . The address of the venue is Hangar 29 Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150 2000 Antwerpen Belgium. For pictures of last years convention go here. You have to scroll down a bit . The pictures start after the Tactica 2015 report!

The Tin soldiers just published the traders who will attend Crisis. So here it is, the list of traders attending Crisis 2016 complete as hyperlink ( sorry there are a few I couldn’t find an address for) Happy shopping :

Adler Miniatures
Ainsty Castings
Alchemist Miniatures
Baccus 6
Bad Squiddo Games (The Dice Bag Lady)
Battle Foam Ltd.
Battlezone Miniatures
Bicorne Miniatures
Black Scorpion Miniatures
Brigade Models
Bristle Bag
Brother Vinni
Caliver Books
Charlie Foxtrot Models
Close Quarters
Colonel Bill’s Wargames Depot
Comitatus Figurines/ Studio Tomahawk
Conquest Games Ltd.
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio
Dave Thomas
David Lanchester’s Military Books
Dax Magic
Decors & Miniatures
Dust Studios
Eagle Figures
Early War Miniatures
Emperor Toad
Empress Miniatures
Fantasy En’ Counter
Figures in Comfort Ltd.
Figuurtje (‘t)
Fire Forge Games
Flag Dude
Freebooter Miniatures
Frontline Games
Games N Stuff
Germania Figuren
Glenbrook Games & Painting Service
Great Escape Games
Gringo 40s
Gripping Beast
Hawk Wargames
HB Modelsonline
Heer 46
Hitech Miniatures
Hysterical Games
Imaginative Miniatures
Ironclad Miniatures
Kallistra Ltd.
Karwansaray Publishers
Klip ‘ n Play
KR Multicase
Kraken Wargames
L’Antre Jeux
Lesley’s Bit Box
Macrocosm Miniatures
Magister Militum
Mantic Games
May ’40 Miniatures
MBM Models
Micro Art Studio
Millenium Books
Miltary Modelling: IP Trade &Services
More Terrain
Najewitz Modelbau
Neoby Distribution
Plast Craft Games
Plastic Soldier Company Ltd.
Prodos Games
Products for Wargamers
Redoubt Enterprises
Sally 4th
Scale 75
Schilling Figuren
Sgts’ Mess
Shed Games
Shellhole Scenics
SHQ Miniatures
Spectre Miniatures
Steamforged Games Ltd.
Stronghold Terrain
Studio Miniatures
T&S Painting Studio
Tabletopper NL
TGCM Creation
The Assault Group
The Gamestore
The Last Valley
Trolls Under The Bridge
Van Dijck Models & Figurines
Varosh Gamestore
War Mage Games
Warbases UK
Warehouse Games Gmbh (Fantasy Warehouse)
Warfare Miniatures
Wargamer PL
Wargames Foundry
Wargames Illustrated
Wargames Terrain Workshop
Warhouse Games
Warlord Games
Warmonger Miniatures
Warploque Miniatures
Wendy’s Miniatures
Worean Shop

The giveaway figure for the first 1500 through the door, this year, is Queen Maud.



Say hi to Queen Maud. Sculpted by, my very good friend ,Paul HIcks and cast by Griffin moulds, she used to answer to the name Matilde of Flanders before she got married to William the Bastard. Misses The bastard quickly changed her name to The conqueror when her husband went on a excursion to Britain in 1066. As a true couple they shared troops to conquer this country and become King and Queen.

Hope to see some of you at Crisis Antwerp this year!