The long range halfman scout

Now that I dropped out of the build something contest over on LAF, I can show you here what I did in Jan/Feb. I build the “long range halfman scout ” using the plans of  a flyer similar to Otto Lilienthals flying machine launched from a catapult. Here are the pictures of the build:


I got som plans of the Lilienthals Flugapparat on the web . But I used only the plans of the wings the fuselage was my own concoction.

These are the plans of the wings and my sketch of the machine. I started by building the wings first . I copied them onto very thin extruded polystyrene (2mm) induct them out the supporting wooden frame was build with toothpicks.

on the last picture you can see how thin the wing is . It is very translucent indeed. Next are the tail wings.

When these were all finished I started on the fuselage.

The pilot is a figure by Westfalia miniatures. One of their Halfmen figures. Of course he needed a paper pilots helmet and some goggles .

Then the wings and the fuselage were joined:

Here are pictures of the “one halfman “power supply for the prop

Next step was painting the machine and the pilot:

Here is the picture I used for the build something contest:

Halfman Scout Flugapparat

And Finale some pictures of the scout in action:

I hope you like what you see. In the future the next vehicle I want to scratch build in a Viking Knarr ship in 28mm. So watch this space.


6 thoughts on “The long range halfman scout

  1. Wonderful idea and execution. Very unique idea as well. You could add some projectiles for the pilot to throw. Maybe some primitive grenades or possibly caltrops. Anyhow, I really love this build and hope you placed high with it. Do you mind if I share it via Twitter?


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